Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th of July 2012

Obviously, with a 1 1/2 week old, our 4th plans were not anything wild and crazy.  Before Cooper was born, I picked out some shirts that I wanted Grammy to make for both kids, and I figured we'd just put them in their shirts and take a few pictures.  Then, Grammy and Pop offered to come over with dinner.  Matt bought a small pack of sparklers (or sprinklers as LL called them), so we ended up having a small little celebration right here at home.  :)

Ready to do a little celebrating.

The awesome 4th of July cupcakes that Grammy made.

Somebody was none too excited about taking a picture - shocker.

An attempt to get a picture of both of my babies.  This is about the best that we got.  :)

Today was my due date!!  So glad that he's in my arms and not in my tummy!

First picture as a family of 4!

After dinner, we headed outside to do some sparklers!  LL was a little apprehensive at first, but eventually she got into it.

My best girl!

Happy girl!  (I put a hole in the cup so that she could hold the sparkler without having to worry about the sparks touching her hand.)

My cup plan worked pretty well until Daddy caught the cup on fire - haha.

What's the best thing to do after playing with sparklers?  Running and twirling in the yard, of course!

My heart loves this little girl SO MUCH!

My goal for the 4th of July next year is very simple: to show you pictures of my family at the BEACH!!  


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Emily said...

love their outfits!!! kye wasn't a fan of sparklers either haha...did my WONDERFUL 4th of july trip inspire you?!?! I'm shocked it didn't scare you!!! I highly recommend finding a place where the kids can sleep in separate areas!!!! I learned my lesson ;)