Tuesday, May 3, 2016

April Randoms

Another month down for the count!!  This month has been super fun for us!  Warm weather, the start of tball, Matt's birthday, and lots of playing!  Here are all of the random things from April that didn't fit into a post by themselves:

An awesome way to kick off the month?  Going to the base to watch Nunu come home!!

 KK's and all her babies!

 We were all so excited!

Finally!!  He's home!!

Why does he looks so biiiiig?  :(

Cooper is doing great at tball!

Look at that baseball stance!

Thumbs up for rocking out potty training!

Ben came for Spring Break!

Grammy and Pop took Cooper to lunch at Zaxby's one day.

While Ben was here for Spring Break, Oma and Opa took him to LL's school one day to eat lunch with her!

Ready for tball practice!

We like hanging out with Chase when we go to Grammy and Pop's house.  He is a big snuggle buddy!

Cooper's tball uniform came in!

Saturday morning super heroes!

Gigi, LL, and I had a girl's night!  Of course LL picked Red Lobster!

Bless.  LL was so grumpy after school one day.  I told her to go have some alone time in her room to rest, and came in to find her asleep!

Knocked out at Grammy's!

Piled in the back of Grammy's car after tball!

 Sweet girl is ready for school!

Matt and Cooper have waaaay too much fun with SnapChat.

LL woke up one day with a temp and saying her throat hurt.  Daddy to the rescue!

Poor girl!  Strep it is!  Luckily we caught it early and she got better quickly!

That's a wrap for April!


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