Friday, May 20, 2016

End of School Activities

The end of the school year is always a busy time for us!  It seemed even busier this year now that Cooper is in school, too.  There are three of us that have crazy schedules and things going on, and it's sometimes a little hectic trying to get to everything!  This is one big post with all of our end of the year stuff:

At the end of every school year, the seniors in my county walk through all of the schools in their caps and gowns.  All of the younger students line the halls, and it's just an amazing thing.  I love getting to see some of my old babies graduating, and all the younger kids get to see what they're working towards.  Every year, the seniors all get one thing to hand out to one teacher of their choice.  This year, it was a marker with this little tag on it.  I posted this picture on Instagram, and here's what I posted with it:
"My job is hard.  It's frustrating.  There are too many standards, too little time.  Too much pressure, and too many expectations.  But today, we had our Senior Walk.  And I saw some students that I haven't seen since they left my classroom the last day of their sixth grade year.  But I remember them, and they remember me.  And, for a few of them, I made a positive impact.  By handing me a simple marker today, they reminded me that it IS worth it.  Out of all of their past teachers, they chose to give their marker to me.  The enormity of that is not lost on me, and it brought tears to my eyes.  I will continue to stand their every year and clap for them as they walk by in their cap and gown, take selfies with them, and tell them how proud of them I am.  Today - today it was all worth it."

LL had her end of the year party at a time that I couldn't go, so Oma and Opa filled in for me.  Here's a cute video of the 1st grade song that they sang. 

 Next, her teacher gave out superlatives to all of the students.  LL's superlative was so fitting for my girl - Giggle Monster!  This love between LL and her teacher is what every parent hopes for.  Mrs. Cindy has been amazing for LL this year, and I don't know what we'll do without her!

After their party, the got ice cream outside!

We got to school a little early for drop-off one day, so we had time to take a picture!

It was awards day at school, so we couldn't pass up an opportunity to take a picture in our pretty dresses!  We bff'd our way through another school year!  Kayla is moving to 8th grade next year, and I'm so going to miss having her across the hall from me!

I left awards day a little early to head up to Cooper's school for his end of the year party.  They sang three songs:

He started the year as the biggest in his class, and he's ending it the same way - haha.

After the songs, they enjoyed some snacks.  The cupcake icing was his favorite for sure!  ;)

I dropped him off at Grammy and Pop's house and had to head back to school to finish my day!

The Squid Squad had to take one last recess picture.  My buddies are both moving to 8th grade next year.  :(

Our last triplet picture for the year!  LL is going to need a bigger shirt next year - girl is growing like a weed!

This next school year will be a big one of change for us.  My best friend is moving to 8th grade, and LL's best friend is moving counties.  I am so heartbroken that LL won't have Maddie next year.  Maddie's mom and I have vowed to still get the girls together all the time!  Like I explained to LL - best friends aren't just because of school!

On the last day of school, LL's sweet afternoon bus driver gave all the kids a treat.  She's so good to them!

For two of my post-planning days, LL had cheer camp!  She went last year ( and had mixed feelings about it), but she wanted to go back again this year!

Cooper's last day was the same day as my post-planning and LL's cheer camp.  It was a water day for him, so he got to go to school in his "babing suit"!

LL's final day of Cheer camp!

On the last day, they had a cute little performance!

She did a few cute little cheers:

They also did a cute dance to Hey Mickey (or as LL said - that old Mickey song - haha).

That's a wrap on the second year of cheer camp!

It was a great, super quick school year!  It's hard to believe that I have a rising 2nd grader!  But our focus now is all on one thing: A great summer!!


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