Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend Recap - My Birthday Edition

I got just a little behind this last week.  Between my birthday, tball, and wrapping up at school, I was just exhausted!!  Here's our weekend recap from April 29 - May 2.


This cutie insisted on wearing his Thor costume in Matt's truck on the way to school!

I left work early on Friday to go watch this sweet girl at her Field Day!

Love these precious girls!

After field day, Matt and I headed down to Jacksonville with Cooper to see Marvel Universe Live!

While we were gone to Jacksonville, LL got to spend the night with Grammy and Pop!  They went to the mall and she got to ride one of these crazy things around the mall!


During Cooper's nap time, LL had a birthday party to go to for one of her friends in her class.  Daddy stayed home with a sleeping Cooper, and I got some one-on-one time with my best girl!

The party had 10 boys and 3 girls - haha.

I love this girl!

Since my birthday fell on a Monday this year (and we had a tball game), we celebrated on Saturday night.  We met our family at Mori to have a fun dinner!

The greatest joy in my life is to be a mommy to these two amazing kids!

Matt and I got LL to take a picture of us, and she did a pretty good job!

On the way to eat, Matt realized he forgot his sunglasses, so he borrowed mine - haha.

We all loved dinner!


Sunday we spent a quiet day at home.  Cooper is obsessed with super heroes right now, and he fell asleep during nap with his Captain America mask on his head and his shield in his hand.

Bless.  He is just SO. CUTE.


Matt sent me this picture of Cooper before he went to school.  I'm sorry???  Why does he look SO BIG???

My birthday OOTD!

I got a sweet birthday surprise at school - my sweet hubby sent me flowers!  Daisies are my favorite!

Lorelai was so sweet to me all day on my birthday!

This is what she drew me on my board.  She said "You're crying because it's just so sweet!" Ha!

I'm not a big cake fan, but Publix cakes are my favorite.  Matt not only got me my favorite cake, he also got it with my favorite flowers on it!  Double win!

The next day, Kayla brought me a crown to wear at school to celebrate my birthday!

It's not a good birthday unless you can stretch it out for several days, right??


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