Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ormond Beach - Day 2

If you missed day one of our beach trip, you can read about it here!  It was a fun day of traveling, beach time, dinner, and mini-golf!

For the next day of our vacation, we had one thing (and one thing only) on our minds - beach time!!!  No joke, the kids were up at 6:30 begging to go to the beach.  We managed to hold them off until about 8:45.

Can you even stand the cuteness?  Navy stripes, big hats, and glasses!

These are two kids who are ready to go!

Thankfully, both of my kids love hanging out in the shallow part of the waves.  They do like to go out in the deeper area with me and Matt, but they're very content to just play between the sand and the shallow water.

Cooper stayed up with me for a while while Matt took LL out to play on the boogie board.

This guy always had a beach toy in his hand, and was constantly running back and forth.  The beach is his happy place for sure!

After a lunch break, I made the kids take a few pictures before they could go back and play.  It was a win-win situation - pictures for mommy, play for kids!

One of the people camped out next to us saw me taking pictures and offered to take one for us.  It was so nice!  And she got one of all 4 of us looking and smiling!

I love this man and our family!  I love spending this life with him!

Ormond Beach/Daytona is a beach where people are allowed to drive.  One perk to that?  The ice cream truck comes on the beach!!!

The kids were so excited!!  Yay for seeing the ice cream truck on the beach!

The people next to us dug a huge hole!  Before we headed inside for the day, we had to climb in it, of course.

We left the beach about 2:00.  We swam in the pool for just a little bit and then came back to the room for showers and rest time.  These are two clean kids eating snacks and watching Toy Story.

We wanted a really low key night after spending so much time outside at the beach.  We stayed in our rooms, watched movies, played games, and ordered pizza.  We put the kids to bed super early to get ready for another fun day at the beach!

Is this not the cutest thing ever??  Be still my momma heart.

Up next: another fun day spent in the sun and waves!


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