Wednesday, July 8, 2015

St. George Island Fishing Trip

Right after our family pictures, Matt and I left the kids with grandparents and we hit the road for a weekend deep-sea fishing trip with friends at St. George Island.

We got on the road about 8:00, and we got in to St. George pretty late.  We went straight to bed to get ready for a full day of fishing!

The next day, we got on the water pretty early and were ready for a full day of fishing!

I didn't take a lot of pictures on the boat (we were too busy fishing!), but I did take this picture of Matt and a live conch he found.  We really wanted to keep it, but couldn't figure out if this specific kind was legal or not.  So we let it go.  Turns out, we could have kept it!

We went all the way to the ocean to fish, and what do I catch?  A see bass.  Of course.

Matt did a pretty good job catching some trout!


We stayed with some friends at their beach house, and they brought their dogs along for the vacation, too.

That night, Kayla and Andrew came down, and they spent the next day fishing with us.  
Ready to go!

We got in a large group of spade fish and managed to catch quite a few!

Kayla had never been out on the ocean like this before, but she ended up loving it!

The next day we just got ready to go home, but not before making a stop at the beach for a minute.

We split up and the girls rode home together in Matt's truck and the boys rode home together in Kayla's car.  We couldn't get on the road before stopping at a sketchy gas station to get what Matt claimed were the best milk shakes ever.

While we were on our trip, Gigi, Poppy, Grammy, and Pop took both kids to Wild Adventures for the day!

It was a short but fun trip, and a great way to kick off the summer!


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