Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Family Pictures 2015

In addition to getting fantastic pictures of both kids individually, Lindsay did a perfect job at getting pictures of both of them together!  She also did a great job at getting some family shots.  It can be so difficult to get a good shot of 4 people, but she ended up getting so many this time!  We also asked Kayla to come to the pictures with us to serve as our "smile getter".  It was a great decision because she is great at getting my kids to laugh and smile.  It really showed in these pictures!





I love this one.




This is another one of my favorites.


Lindsay also took the time to snap a few pictures of just me and Matt.  I was thankful for this - it doesn't happen to much anymore!




A big thanks to Lindsay and her amazing work!

If you missed any of the kids' individual pictures, you can see them here:
LL's 6 Year Pictures
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