Sunday, July 19, 2015

Rutland Farms

The same week that LL was on her trip (and we took Cooper and Ben to get ice cream), we decided to take the boys to Rutland Farms.  LL had already been when she went on her class field trip with Daddy, so I knew she wouldn't feel like she was missing out.  We went on  Friday as soon as they opened, so it wasn't hot yet and we were literally the only ones there.  Blackberries, blueberries, and peaches were in season, so we decided to pick blackberries and peaches.

I was actually a little surprised with how good Cooper did with only picking the black ones!  He did get a few under-ripe ones, but did great for the most part!

Me and my boy!

Ben also did a good job helping Gigi.

We didn't pick many peaches, but the trees were absolutely beautiful!  I loved them.

They had a little playground there, so we let the boys run around and burn off some energy for a little bit.

He loves to slide!

Cooper kept climbing in this tractor and saying he was on the train - haha.

We went inside to get some of their fruit ice cream!  

He was eyeing her like a hawk to make sure he got his ice cream!  :)

Cooper and I shared some strawberry - and it was amazing.

Trying to take selfies with a busy 2 year old can be interesting.  :)

We had a fun, quick trip.  We'll be back in the fall for pumpkins and hayrides for sure!


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