Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Family Pictures: Cooper at 3 Years Old!

Cooper is a tricky one to get pictures of.  He is 100% all boy, and he is not very interested in stopping to stay still and smile at a camera.  Just like last year, Lindsay did not disappoint.  We didn't get a ton of just Cooper, but the ones she got were fantastic.  



This one is my absolute favorite of him.  I mean - it's just Cooper.  Sweet.  A little messy.  And carrying a stick.  If I could use one picture to describe my boy - this would be it.

Just like with LL, I'm so happy we got to get some one-on-one pictures with both kids.  These turned out so great.

We are quite smitten with each other.  :)

This is his life with Daddy - rough and tumble!  And they both love every second of it.


A look at my boy at all of his birthdays - from 6 weeks old to 3 years old.  

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