Monday, July 6, 2015

Family Pictures: LL at 6 Years Old

Last year, we were so so happy with the images that we got from our family pictures with Captured By Colson.  This year I was so excited to work with Lindsay again.  I booked our picture date way back in February, and I spent a lot of time thinking about it and picking out outfits.  Last year, I loved all of the colors in our clothes.  I wanted to do something similar again this year.  Since we do our pictures in summer, I want them to be bright and happy.

LL has not always been easy when it comes to pictures.  But boy is she in the golden age right now.  She loves to have her picture taken, she's very cooperative, and she has fun doing it!  I love it!  LL rocked it out this year, and we got some great pictures of my best girl!



My favorite!



We made sure to get some one-on-one pictures with both kids, too, and I'm so happy that we did!



My sweet girl has changed so much throughout the years!  Here are all of her birthday pictures, from birth to 6 years old.  She is a stunning, sweet, happy little girl!

Up next: Cooper's 3 year pictures!


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