Wednesday, July 15, 2015

May Randoms

This is a post of all the random things going on in May that didn't make it into a post all on their own:

We've had the chickens for about 3 months now, and it surprises me how much the kids still love them and love to take care of them.  I would have thought that the novelty would have worn off by now.

Sometimes you have to just ignore the mess on the floor and take time to snuggle your babies.  :)

Every year at the end of the school year, my "school momma" makes pancakes for her students.  She always saves me a few of my favorite chocolate chip ones.

Cooper got a new sandbox/picnic table set at Grammy and Pop's - and he LOVED it!

Sometimes at dinner you're just too tired to hold your head up.

Cooper had a few random nights in May where he woke up super early (think 4 am) and refused to go back to sleep in his bed.  He and Daddy ended up sleeping on the couch for the last few hours before it was time to get up.  Thankfully, he hasn't done this since!

Don't you watch TV naked with a fedora??

Cooper isn't much of a "comfort object" kid, but I did find him snuggled up with Airport (his bear) one night.

He's started watching TV like this and I love it.

Another random 4am morning.

My car hit 88,888 miles this month!

We are the queens of Friday recess.

Cooper is a water baby to the core!

LL is also a fish.  Both kids would stay in the pool all day every day if we let them!

A beautiful starfish!

Chowing down on a cinnamon raisin biscuit at Hardee's with Grammy and Pop.

Suns out, guns out!

Kayla and I went to get pedicures to kick off summer!

We kicked off the first official day of summer by swimming at Emily's.  It's so funny to me that all of the kids are super blond except for my two.  You can for sure tell which ones are mine!

LL was so excited to hold Baby Tess!

The mom squad.  I love these girls!

Popsicles and boxer briefs.  ;)

Cooper won't wear footy pj's much any more, so I soak it up when he will!

Clint, Sarah, and Andrew came over one night to swim and the kids had a blast hanging out!

Sweet boys!  They're only about 6 weeks apart - just like their Daddies.

Matt and I spent one night watching one of our favorite movies after the kids went to bed.

I saw this through the monitor after Cooper's nap one day.  He is such a good Daddy!

Lovie is still around and good for nothing!

That's a wrap for May!


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