Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Daily Robyn: May

I'm still doing great on my #dailyRobyn posts on IG!  Here are all of my posts from May:

Day 121: The chickens are now full grown and doing great!  Now we're just waiting on some eggs...

Day 122: My 31st birthday!  If this is what my life looks like at 31, I'll take it over any of my days from my 20's!

Day 123: My whole world.

Day 124: Birthday dinner with my bff!

Day 125: Fun fact - I'm not a huge cake person.  But I do love me some ice cream cake.

Day 126: This boy and I were made for each other.

Day 127: My best girl.

Day 128: Celebrating Mother's Day with LL at her school!

Day 129: This boy got croup in the middle of May (what?!), but it didn't hold him down for long!

Day 130: Being a Mommy to these two is truly the greatest accomplishment of my life.  I will never do anything greater or more important that raising them.

Day 131: It's was a double-green-straw kind of day.

Day 132: LL (and Daddy!) had a great time on her field trip to Rutland Farms.

Day 133: If you know anything about Lola, you know she's never short on drama.  This day, she randomly broke out in hives all over her entire body.  For no apparent reason.  And, yes.  She's fine now.

Day 134: Saying goodbye to LL's kindergarten teacher was so hard.  She has truly been a God-send for LL this year.  We are going to miss her so much,

Day 135: We did it!!!  Hello, summer!!!

Day 136: I had a blast at my first paint party!

Day 137: This girl and I successfully finished 2 years of teaching together.  Oh, how I'm praying that we have many more in our future together.

Day 138: A date at The Mix with my favorites.

Day 139: After a day of not being sure about it, LL ended up having a blast at Cheer Camp!

Day 140: First "official" day of summer and we kicked it off right - pool time with great friends!

Day 141: Sometimes you just don't feel like cooking.

Day 142: Happy 11th anniversary to this stud of a man!

Day 143: We had a blast swimming and grilling out with friends!

Day 144: The biggest catch of the day belonged to me!  Although I refused to touch it.  Because look.  Thankfully I have a husband who will do the dirty work for me!

Day 145: One of my favorite summer traditions - Popsicles on the porch after dinner.

Day 146: We had a full day!  Swim lessons, dentist appointment, and eye appointment.  

Day 147: CFA for the win!

Day 148: Headed to a fun weekend of deep-sea fishing with my favorite man!

Day 149: It's a possibility that Matt loves being out on the ocean  more than he loves me.

Day 150: Not a terrible day on the water!

Day 151: We had a blast on vacation!

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