Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cooper's 2nd Birthday

Cooper's actual birthday fell on the Wednesday after his party.  The good thing about his birthday being in the middle of the summer is that I don't have to worry about being at work!  

On Tuesday night before bed, we took pictures with Cooper - our last pictures with a one year old little boy!


To kick off the day, we went to Daylight Donuts for breakfast before Daddy had to go to work and we all had to go to VBS.

Picking out their donuts.

Cooper's favorite?  Donut holes.  And, yes, he shoves them in whole.  

After VBS, we headed home for nap time.  For our kids birthdays, we always do their favorite dinner.  LL can pick to go out to dinner or have a meal cooked, but since Cooper is still so little, we just stay home.  Just like last year, his favorite meal is still spaghetti, so that's what we cooked.  We invited all of the grandparents over and made a mini-party out of it.

Messy mouth = happy boy!

After dinner we did cupcakes.  He was super interested in the candles and did his best to blow them out.

After dinner we did baths and then opened presents.  Typically, our whole family saves the birthday gifts for the kids actual birthday.  At their party, they get to open gifts from all of their friends.  On their birthday, they get to open gifts from all of their family.  So far it's working out perfectly and the kids love having the opportunity to open presents twice.

One of his gifts from Mommy and Daddy was an umbrella stroller.  We have a double stroller, but the only umbrella stroller that we have is pink and was LL's.  We also didn't like it very much.  Now Cooper has a manly (nicer) one to himself.

Both kids love to help sweep the house.  They've been sharing the broom set that LL got for Christmas, so we got him his own.

Matt was in charge of pictures, and he was having a blast photo bombing Gigi.  Sorry, mom!  I had to!  It's hilarious!

He got her again.  :)

We attempted some group pictures.

We tried to get grandparent pictures (and pictures of our little family), but we didn't get very far before the meltdowns started.  Poor boy just wanted to play with his new toys!

Overall, Cooper had a great 2nd birthday!  I'm so excited to see what this year has in store for him!


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