Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Family Pictures: Lorelai at 5 Years Old

For the past several years, LL hasn't been the biggest fan of taking pictures.  She is finally getting where she will cooperate and tolerate it for a little while.  :)  Right as she's getting into an easier picture phase, Cooper is getting into a harder one.  Of course, right? 

For our pictures with Lindsay, she really did so good.  I'm in love with how these turned out for her 5-year pictures.

I know she's my daughter so I'm supposed to feel this way, but I really think she is just turning into the most beautiful little girl.  She has always been stunning, to the point where people have always stopped us in public, but I feel like she's getting even more stunning as she's losing all of her baby-ness.

If you missed our family pictures, you can see them HERE.

Up next: Cooper's 2 year pictures.


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