Sunday, July 6, 2014

Cooper - 24 Months Old!

Wow!  Here we are!!  Cooper is 2 years old!!  This will probably be his last official monthly post.  I'm sure I might do one every now and then, but I doubt that I'll still do one every single month.

Here's how our sweet TWO year old is doing!
Weight: 29ish lbs
Clothing: Mostly 24 months or 2T.  Some of his 18 month clothing is still working, but a lot of it is getting too short or too tight.
Shoes: Size 7
Diaper: Size 5

Schedule:  Same as last month:
7:00 - up for the day
7:45 - 8:00 breakfast and milk
10:00 - if he's super hungry, I'll give him a snack.  If I can get away with it, I won't because he'll eat better at lunch.
11:45 - lunch and water/V8
12:30 - 1:00 - down for nap
3:00 - up from nap
5:30 - 5:45 - dinner and milk
7:15 - bed time

Teeth: No new teeth this month!  He has been sticking his fingers in his mouth a lot, so I'm sure those molars are moving around in there.  But we can't see them at all.

Talking: He's still doing great in his speech therapy.  It's still lots of small, baby steps, but we are seeing improvement.  Here are some of the sounds we've heard this month:
choo-choo for train
"mmmm" when he's eating (which we wanted him to learn - we've really been working on him doing that sound on command)
"wa-wa" for water

Here are some of the animal sounds that he can do now:
"ba" for sheep
chirp for a bird
meow for cat
roar for lion or tiger
hiss for snake
snort for pit

We've also been working with him a lot on his signs (which also helps his speech).  Here are his current signs:
thank you
all done
where is it? or what happened? (same)
beep beep (for car or truck)

So this is all a good bit of improvement for him!!

Temper Tantrums: Oh boy.  These have kicked in for sure.  I think some of it is frustration over talking, and some of it is just being a two year old boy.  But boy have we seen the tantrums.  LL was more of a just lay on the floor and cry.  Cooper is more of an arch his back/jump/throw things/growl tantrum.  They are intense! I will say this, they have gotten a little less over the month.  But we are seeing them for sure!  He will let you know if he feels like he is not getting his way.

Swim Lessons: Cooper finished swim lessons at the very end of the month.  He is doing great!  He loves the water, and made it through all six weeks of swim and never melted down about going!  He just loves it and would do whatever Mrs. Margie asked him to do!  He is a water lover for sure.


Chiropractor: He's still going to the chiropractor for both his reflux and speech.  Reflux is doing so much better.  He is off of all of his meds and is doing great.  We occasionally see a spit up every now and then, but it's not often at all.  Maybe once a week.  And I do think it's helping with his speech, too.  He has just started going once every 2-3 weeks instead of once a week.  Hopefully everything will still stay positive while we slow down how much he goes.

-He has learned how to tickle people and will do it all the time with a sneaky smile on his face.  It's precious!

-He can jump with both of his feet off of the ground, and he loves doing it.  He is jumping all of the time now.

-He has loved doing puzzles this month, and he is great at doing them.  He can do almost all of the puzzles that he has completely by himself.  He will sit and do puzzles for 30+ minutes, which is a lot for this busy boy!

Popsicles after dinner!  He LOVES popsicles.

He and I stopped by the donut store after the chiropractor to get some donuts for National Donut Day!  Of course we had to eat a few before we left.  ;)

Frootloops for breakfast!

He loves watching his Daddy mow the grass.

Playing nicely for a few minutes.  ;)

Both of my babies at two years old!


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