Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cooper's 2nd Birthday Party!

For Cooper's party last year, I was super stressed about rain.  This year I was a little nervous about it, but not nearly as much as last year.  With a completely outdoor party, you for sure want the weather to be nice.  Thankfully, we got lucky two years in a row!  It was a little overcast, and did rain a little at the end of the party, but it really was a beautiful day.

Cooper's party was scheduled for 3:30, and we were in the pool by 3:20, playing and ready for everyone to come!  Guests started arriving quickly and everyone jumped in.  We didn't have quite as many guests as last year because lots of people were out of town, but the smaller crowd was nice, too!

Daddy was on pool duty again this year!  Mommy was on take pictures, get food ready, and talk with other mommies duty - haha.

LL is even more of a fish this year than ever - she swam and swam and swam.

Ben, Aunt Laura, Kye, and LL all braving it in the deep end!

We swam for about an hour and then pulled out the food.  Ideally, we would have waited a little longer to eat, but I could tell the rain was coming.  We had hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans (Coop's FAVORITE thing to eat), chips, and watermelon.  

After dinner it was time for cake!  I found a lot of cute ideas on Pinterest, and Grammy and I just went for it.  This is our finished product, and I really think it turned out great!

Cooper decided to dance while everyone was singing.  :)

I think Cooper just went around and got a little bit of cake from everyone - haha.

It was such a fun party - thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate our sweet boy!


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Emily said...

thank you for NOT taking my picture by the end of the party hahahhaa

it was a great time and the rain really did hold out!!!!!

and where is the YMCA reference? ;)