Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Cooper's 2nd Year

Now that sweet Coop-man is 2 years old, I wanted to do a recap of his last year.  I love doing these posts.  It's so fun to see what the kids have been up to and see how they've grown!  Here's all about Cooper's second year:


His year started with his second birthday party at home with all of the grandparents.

We also celebrated with his first part - Cooper's Crab Shack!


We celebrated the 4th of July.

He went to the doctor for his one year check-up.

He had a blast making some messes.

He had a blast playing on new birthday toys!  This is when his love affair for vehicles began...


He was starting his love affair with laundry.

He and LL had fun playing in the house together.

He also played with fingerprints for the first time.


He was a big helper washing Mommy's car.

He loved riding his car outside.

He got another haircut.

We spent a fun day at home as a family - and enjoyed riding the lawn mower with Daddy.


He rode a horse for the first time at the Honey Bee Festival…and wasn't a big fan.

We went to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins.  

He did a good job helping Daddy carve pumpkins.

He dressed up as a fireman for Halloween.

He went for his 15 month appointment.

He was a great shopping buddy with me over Fall Break!

He started to show his silly side more and more.


We celebrated Thanksgiving at Oma and Opa's.

And took a cold weather trip to the beach!

He loved spending time outside any chance we got.

He got great at building towers!

He had a blast at the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine.


We went to cut down our Christmas tree.

The kids had a blast helping decorate for Christmas.

We enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather outside.

He acted silly some more.  :)

He still just loved to be outside.

We had a fun Christmas Eve until...

We spent the rest of Christmas Eve night at the ER with croup.

Even with croup, we had a great Christmas day!


We played outside as much as we could.

We started seeing his crazy boy side come out more and more!

He went through a phase where he loved to have his picture taken.

He had his 18 month check-up.

He got even better at building towers!

He had a rare, calm, sweet moment with LL.


He had fun celebrating LL's 5th birthday party at Tiny Bubbles.

We started our Sunday-after-church-tradition of cookies at Publix.

We played at the park.

He spent more time outside (are you noticing a theme??)


We took our yearly trip to the Azalea festival.  And he still didn't love the horse.  ;)

He had to have surgery on his toes.

He hunted eggs at the Bunny Hop at LL's preschool.

He started sitting in his booster seat instead of his highchair!

He had his first smoothie.


We went to Tallahassee for Chick Pics.

We celebrated Easter.

He did a great job hunting eggs at Grammy and Pop's.

He did some painting.

And some cleaning!

He had a random stomach virus one day.

He got into (and ON to) everything!

He had to go to the doctor for his first ever ear infection.

He started to bond with Lovie.

We had our first picnic at the park for the year!

He continued to get into everything!


We celebrated Mother's Day.

He loved swimming in the pool!

He got in a lot of good play time outside with LL.

He began his shoe obsession.

He started going to the chiropractor for both reflux and speech.

He was silly with Daddy.

He started swim lessons at Tiny Bubbles.

He continued to get into EVERYTHING!


We went blueberry picking.

We took some pictures for his birthday invitations.

We spent more time outside.

He helped pick out donuts on National Donut Day!

He loved playing in the pool with Daddy.

He got to go to Bruster's for the first time as a special treat while LL was out of town.

He finished up swim lessons.

He had his 2 year old pictures taken.

We really had the best year watching this little boy grow!  He is such a blessing to our family!


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