Friday, December 18, 2015

October Randoms

Here are all of the random things from October that didn't fit into a post by themselves:

Riding bikes at Opa's!


Cooper loves Uncle Gino's motorcycle!

Sending Gino a "way to go!" picture from school to celebrate his weight loss!

What's the best way to play?  In mud, of course!

These sweet best friends are my favorite thing.

My silly boys!

Lovie is home from the vet!

Daddy is teaching LL to be quite the little archer!

The Kardashians are getting big!  And bless them - can't see very well.  At least they don't know how silly they look.

Plaid is one of my favorite things this fall!

Sometimes these two sneak and have breakfast together before school.

So stinkin' handsome!

Cooper had a total of 3 visits to the pumpkin patch this year.  This was his second!

Where's Cooper??

We got this sweet card from our vet's office a few weeks after Bono died.  They did an imprint of his paw in paint.  It made us cry, but we love it.

You know LL doesn't feel good when the school calls you to come pick her up early and she does this on the way home.

Oma and Opa took the kids to visit the circus!

That's a wrap for October!


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