Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hunting With Daddy

Every fall, Matt has a focus on one thing: hunting!  We have a pretty good system down where he gets to go (at least) once a week.  Sometimes, he'll sneak in some extra trips, and he's also started taking the kids with him for some of those times.  This year was the first year that Cooper was big enough to go!  He didn't last long (and they sure didn't see anything with all the noise that boy makes!), but they both had a blast!

Safety first!  Gotta wear that orange and have that ear protection!

My boys!

LL has been with Daddy lots before - she's becoming a pro!  Even so, she still has yet to see a deer on one of her trips - haha.

These two love to be silly together!

Reading some instructions she found in the stand - haha.


Daddy carved her name into the stand!

Even though they don't stay long (and don't see anything), the kids love going and spending time with their Daddy!


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