Monday, December 28, 2015

Cooper's Thanksgiving Feast

Cooper had his first Thanksgiving Feast this year!  It's so fun with him in school this year and getting to see him experience all these firsts!  I wasn't able to go to the feast (it's so hard with my school schedule to get up to his school for much), but Daddy always picks up my slack and goes for the both of us.

Matt sent me this picture in the morning before school.  Coop man all dressed up for his program!

Waiting in the drop-off line.  Here's a sweet video they recorded for me while they waited.

They had this cute place setting all set up - I just love the little things like this that come home from school!

Melt my heart!  Cutest little pilgrim ever!

On stage - looking for Daddy and waiting to sing.

My sweet boy.  He is definitely the biggest one in his class!  Matt recorded a video of the song that Cooper and his class sang.

After singing, it was Cooper's favorite part - food!

They also sent home a color book that Cooper had been working on since the beginning of school!  It was so adorable!

I love little school things like this!  I'm so glad Matt was able to go and take picture and videos so that I don't feel like I missed out on being there.  

You can see LL's past Thanksgiving Feasts here:


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