Thursday, December 17, 2015

DailyRobyn: October

We are closing out the end of my year doing my #dailyRobyn posts!  Here are all of my posts from October:

Day 274: I picked out this fire truck shirt for Cooper to wear to school the next day and hung it up on his dresser.  He refused to go to sleep until I changed him out of his pajama shirt and into his fire truck shirt.  He said, "My not wait until tomorrow".  Some battles you just don't fight!

Day 275: After being a the vet for a few days after (we think) being hit by a car, Lovie is home!

Day 276: The first weekend in October always means our annual trip to the Honey Been Festival!

Day 277: Sushi Sunday!

Day 278: This boy ROCKED OUT his first trip to the dentist office!  He literally could not have done any better!

Day 279: LL had the time of her life with Dr. Mike learning all about what it means to be a veterinarian.

Day 280: I had so much fun doing snack time at Cooper's class!  I loved getting a sneak peak into his school world.

Day 281: Lorelai is getting to be a great sous chef!

Day 282: The perks of living in the country =  a happy boy when they harvest the peanuts.

Day 283: Our Saturday has been full of fun with two birthday parties and a cookout!

Day 284:Where did this bitty girl go??

Day 285: Cooper ran in to a friend from school at the park today.  Love his little face!

Day 286: Today, we grieved the loss of a family member.  If you're not an animal lover, you'll never understand the bond between a dog and his family.  This old man was an amazing part of our family for the last 14.5 years.  I can't put it any more simply than Lorelai did - I just wish Bono could stay longer.

Day 287: Sometimes a simple gesture can go such a long way.  My mom dropped these off at our house today along with a sympathy card.  While we know Bono was a dog, such a heartfelt acknowledgement of our grief and pain meant so much.  It truly brightened our day like it was intended to do.

Day 288: Snuggles

Day 289:Lola randomly found a roll.

Day 290: We had the perfect fall day.  Pumpkin patch, time with family, and playing outside all day!

Day 291: Behind the scenes at our Christmas card pictures this morning.  We gave Ben the camera for a few shots, and he got one of the best ones of the morning!

Day 292: This dude got to go to the pumpkin patch for round two today!

Day 293: A sweet moment between Cooper and Aunt Laura this weekend.

Day 294: We got an egg from one of the Kardashians today!

Day 295: We're in the Halloween spirit today.

Day 296: Atlanta bound with The Chief!

Day 297: Taylor Swift!

Day 298: I missed these babies!

Day 299: Red Ribbon Week - Twin day! (and still celebrating Taylor)

Day 300/301: This has been our life for the last two days.  Glad LL and I seem to both be on the upswing!

Day 302: After plans changed last minute, we had such a fun family night going out to dinner and to get ice cream!

Day 303: We all had so much fun at LL's fall festival!

Day 304: Happy Halloween!

Here's a look back at my other #dailyRobyn posts from this year:


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