Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Air Show

A while ago, Andrew told us that he really wanted us to come to the air show at the local air force base at the beginning of November.  We put it on the calendar, and it was something that we all looked forward to!  

Ready to see all of the airplanes!

They brought in a C5 for the Air Show, and it was HUGE!  If you remember my post about going to see Mr. Andrew's plane last spring - here's a size comparison for you: if you took the wings and tail off of Mr. Andrew's plane, it would fit inside the C5!

The Thunderbirds all lined up!

The front of the C5 with it's nose lifted up.

There were so many vehicles and airplanes for the kids to climb in to.  They loved it!!

I had to include this one just for LL's face - it cracks me up.  She wasn't upset at all this day, so I have no idea why she's making this face.  So funny.

This is another one that made me laugh.  Cooper sat in LL's lap, and she kept trying to grab his face to turn it towards the camera.  I love these kids.

Two of the thunderbirds took off (I don't know why?), so the Matt and the kids walked closer.  We busted out the ear protection - and Cooper was obsessed with wearing it for like the next 45 minutes (even though he didn't need it).

Both of my kids loved all of the attention between us and Kayla and Andrew.  They were never lacking for someone to take them somewhere or show them something.

Sun fail.  Too bright.

They had the front end of a vintage plane that you could dress up and get your picture taken in.  LL got to wear an old Blue Angels jacket.

And Cooper got to wear this cool bomber jacket.

This is the final picture that we bought.  They put helmets on the kids.  LL sat in the pilot's seat and Cooper just sat on the side.  I was right behind Cooper making sure he didn't fall - I'm surprised I didn't end up in the picture!  Look at LL's little salute - so precious.

We found a spot to sit to watch one of the shows.  This is where my parenting fail came in for the day.  It was so bright.  I had an epic fail when I didn't put sunscreen on the kids before we left and then didn't bring any with us.  So we tried to keep them in the shade of our chairs.  I also didn't bring any sunglasses for them and it was so bright.  We found ways to make it work!

We played "pass the sunglasses" and everyone took turns taking their sunglasses off and letting the kids wear them.

Parachuters!  It was so cool!

Cooper watching the plane.

I'm telling you - I have never had friends love my kids as much as Kayla and Andrew do.


My boys!  My life is so blessed with these two!

Classic - Daddy pointing one way and Cooper looking the other.

Ha!  Cooper does a great Elton John.

In the huge crowd of people, we actually saw our neighbors and their kids.  Cooper and LL was super happy to see them.

We found a spot in the shade to sit and rest for a little bit before heading back to the car.  We bought a package of these little planes for the kids and they were so cute looking at them and playing with them.

While the kids played, Matt and I watched a little more of the next show!

My man!

We all had so much fun!  I'm sure this is something that we'll try to do again next year, too!


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