Friday, March 7, 2014

Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance 2014

Last year, LL and Matt started an annual tradition: the Father/Daughter Valentine's Dance.  Last year was her first visit and she ended up having a blast.  This year, we did some good planning to make sure that her birthday part wasn't the same day.  Her birthday party was the week before, so we weren't rushed at all.  She did have a birthday party earlier in the day, but we just went to Grammy's for nap afterwards because it was super close to gymnastics.  When she woke up, we started getting ready for the dance.  We actually had several dresses to pick from this year, and she chose this all white one by herself.  

Melt my heart.

It was her week to bring her class pet, Flip Flop, home - so of course we had to take a picture with him!

Sweet fact: the pearl bracelet that she's wearing is one that Matt bought (all on his own - without me even knowing) and gave to her in the hospital when she was born.

This girl loves her Daddy!

My favorite for sure!

Even though it was her day with Daddy, I snapped a quick picture with her before they left.  :)

Just like last year, Matt went with several of his friends and their little girls.  They went to dinner at Chick-Fil-A first (hello - who needs something fancy with five year olds?!), and then headed to the dance.  They ended up staying almost the whole time!  They started heading home at 7:45 and the dance ended at 8:00.  I was proud of him for remembering to snap some pictures while they were there.

Matt's friend Ashley and his girls Reese and Lily.

LL and Lily dancing.

She came home saying that she had so much fun.  I really love that they have started this tradition, and I hope that it continues for a lot more years!  This is such beautiful way for Matt to spend time with her and show her the expectation she should have later in life for a man.  She is blessed with an amazing Daddy!


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