Monday, March 24, 2014

Sibling Love

One thing that makes me so happy that we decided to have another baby is that LL (and the new baby) would have something that no one else in the world would be able to give them - a sibling.  Matt and I both grew up with only one sibling each.  While I'm very close to my sister, Matt is not very close to his brother.  But we both still agreed that a sibling relationship is unlike any other relationship in the world.  And we think it's such an important one. Cooper and LL have really been growing closer over the last few months.  It's helping now that he's getting bigger and more able to play and communicate with her.  Here is a random assortment of pictures that we've taken of the two of them lately:

Reading a book together on the couch.  Cooper started out looking at it, and then LL read it to him.

Dressed up for church and actually in the mood to take pictures together for once.

Matt was getting them ready one morning (I leave so early that he flies solo every day!), and walked around the corner to see them sitting together and playing on his phone.

We have been so blessed with amazing kids.  It's true what they say - my heart and love only multiplied with having two kids; nothing had to get divided.  I am so thankful to get to be a Mommy to these sweet kids!


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