Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Cooper - 20 Months Old!

20 months just sounds so crazy old to me now.  It is definitely not "baby" territory anymore!  Cooper was 19 months old from January 25 - February 24 and he was up to a LOT!  I had a week off this month for winter break, and I loved getting to spend so much time with him one-on-one.  LL had school for most of the week, so I got some alone time with Cooper.  It was so nice!  Here's what he's been up to:

Weight: 29lbs
Clothing: Most of his 18 month pants are way to short at this point.  Some of his 18 month shirts are still fitting, but they're on their way out.  I got him all 24 month and 2T for summer (with some 18 month shorts thrown in) and I think it's going to be the perfect size.
Diaper: size 5
Shoe: size 5 1/2 or 6 wide, but we're about to have to go buy some more shoes because the ones he has are getting too snug.  I'm glad that he made it to the spring!

Schedule:His schedule is the same as last month:
7:00 - up for the day!
7:45 - 8:00 - breakfast and milk 
9:45 - 10:00 - snack and water
11:45ish - lunch and milk
12:30 - 1:00 - down for milk
3:00ish - up from nap
3:30 - snack and water
5:30 - 5:45 - dinner
Bath time immediately following dinner
7:00 - 7:15 - down for bed

Teeth: His top canines *finally* broke through this month, right before he turned 20 months.  I feel like they've been close for forever!  His bottom canines are about to pop through, too, so I'm sure this will happen this month.  This means that he's up to 14 teeth now.

Talking: This boy is still just not a talker.  We had to fill out an ASQ form for his doctor this month (mainly for his speech).  Even though we were only concerned with his speech, it also had questions about fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and social/personal skills.  For everything (even his speech!) he scored in the range where he should be.  He wasn't even borderline.  So that made me feel much better.  He didn't talk a whole lot this month, but he did pick up a little bit more communication.  Here are some things he did: 

-He's said "Mama" for forever, but he has really started using it to mean me this month.  He still hasn't done it a ton, but there have been times where I haven't been busy with Lorelai and didn't pay attention when he would call for me.  I loved it and was so proud of him!
-He has picked up two new animal sounds this month: "Ba" for sheep and a cute elephant noise.  Again, he has to the in the mood to do this, but he's done it on command lots of time!
-He learned two new signs this month.  He can now sign "milk" when he is thirsty and will do it all the time.  Several times he walked up to me and signed it all on his own.  He was rewarded for sure!  He's doing this one pretty consistently now.  He'll even put "milk" and "more" together a lot to tell us that he wants more milk.  He also is starting to use "eat".  He still has to be prompted to use this one, but he's learning.  These are all of the things that he can sign now: more, all done, milk, and eat.  Next we're starting to work with him on "thank you".

High five: Grammy taught him how to do this, but he'll give you a high-five after he does something good!  You have to ask him to do it, but he does it almost every time you ask him to.  It's adorable and I love seeing him do it!  

Shape sorter: Hands down, this has been one of his favorite toys this month.  And we don't even have one at home.  But he has one at Grammy's and one at Gigi's, so he still gets plenty of practice.  Grammy has one that looks like a bucket and the lid has the shape holes in it.  Gigi has the old school one that looks like a red and blue ball and the shape holes are all around it.  You know the one that you have to pull apart and the shapes fall out of the middle?  He does excellent on BOTH of these.  He can get all of the shapes by himself and turn them how they need to go to get them in.  He is a smart cookie!

Peek-a-boo: Even though he isn't a big talker, it amazes me how he thinks.  He might not tell you much about it, but his mind is constantly working and figuring things out.  Cooper has loved to play peek-a-boo for a long time now.  Our entertainment center has shelves that go around the TV.  On the bottom shelf on both sides, there's a little circle cut-out that you can use to fish cords to the back of the entertainment center.  One afternoon, he wiggled his body back there and looked through the hole to play peek-a-boo.  It was SO smart and SO funny.  We all thought it was hysterical, and now it's one of his favorite games to play with LL.  They'll take turns running back there and looking through, and we all laugh so hard.  He also thought it was hilarious to stand beside the entertainment center and stick his fingers through and wiggle them.  This little boy is SMART and SILLY!  I took some pictures, but I also got some really cute videos!  Video 1 and Video 2.  I love video 3 the most.  It's several minutes long, but I *love* how you can hear him laughing so hard.  He was laughing so hard that he started dancing.  He is so full of joy!

Physical affection:  When it comes to physical affection, Cooper is very different that LL.  LL loves to give hugs and kisses, but she's had to "grow into" being a snuggler.  When she was his age, we never got snuggles from her.  Cooper is the opposite; he loves to snuggle, but he's not big on giving hugs and kisses.  He seems to have the teenage "awww…mom" approach when I try to get kisses.  He'll give them, he's just really stingy about them!  This month - things have really changed.  When I was home over Winter Break, I really worked with him on giving hugs, and now he does it all the time!  He's also been doing fantastic on giving kisses, too!  I guess the two go hand-in-hand, huh?  He still loves to blow kisses (more than giving them).  He has also started to be a good "Daddy" to one of LL's baby dolls.  He will randomly pick her up sometimes.  If I see him with her and ask him to, he will give her hugs and kiss her over and over.  It is so sweet!

-Last month, Coop got really good at using a fork.  This month, he's done great with a spoon!  I'm impressed because he can get stuff onto his spoon and then into his mouth without spilling it!

-He has gotten much pickier about his food this month.  He's still a pretty good eater, but he for sure doesn't just blindly shove it any anymore.  I wonder if teething has something to do with this?  I'm ready to have my fantastic eater back!  He has also gotten VERY interested in the food on our plates.  If he sees that we're having something that he isn't, he's quick to let you know about it!

-We've started sitting him on the potty some this month. He hasn't done anything, but he doesn't mind sitting for a minute or two.  It's at start at least!

- During bath time, he has been putting his ear in the water to listen, and he thinks it's super funny.  He does it all the time!  I don't know what he can hear under there, but he must hear something!

-His favorite thing to do (still), hands down, is to play outside.

Helping Daddy get a plot ready for a garden!

First time going down the big slide at the park.

Misc Pictures:

First time eating an apple like a big boy (at Gigi's).


He's still not a huge fan of coloring yet...

…he prefers to eat the crayons instead.

Lord, help me.

Breaking hearts on Valentine's Day!

Here are LL and Cooper at 20 months:


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