Monday, March 31, 2014

Cooper - 21 Months old!

What a month!  Cooper was 20 months old from February 25 - March 24.  Here's what he was up to in our busy month:

Weight: 29lbs
Clothing: 18 - 24 months in shirts.  All of his 18 month pants are super short.
Shoes: We're about to have to put down some money for all new shoes!  All of his 5 1/2 and 6 are really starting to get too small, so we need to go and get some 7's.
Diaper: size 5

Schedule:  His schedule is pretty much the same as last month:
7:00 - up for the day
7:45 - 8:00 - breakfast and milk
9:45 - 10:00 - snack and water
11:45 - 12 - lunch and milk
12:30 - 1 - down for nap
3:00 - 3:30 - up from nap
snack and water when up from nap
5:30 - 5:45 - dinner and milk
This is where it gets a little different now that the time has changed.  If it's nice weather, we try to play outside after dinner and then do bath about 6:45.  If the weather isn't great, he'll go straight to bath after dinner and then we'll play in the house.
7:15 - time for bed

Teeth: His bottom canines came though this month, making that 16 teeth!  Now all we have to wait for are his 2 year molars.  These canines are moving in suuuuper slowly, though.  Even his top ones from last month.  I'm ready for them to be in and done!

Talking:  Since last month's post, we have had a referral to speech.  Even though his ASQ form came back in the normal range, the pediatrician wants to get him evaluated.  His evaluation is scheduled for Monday (the day this post goes live), so I'm happy that we'll have some answers.  Babies Can't Wait is doing his evaluation.  Once we get the results from that, we're going to see what our options are for therapy (assuming that he'll need it.  Which I really think he does).

He did add two new words this month: bubbles and hot.  

Bubbles:  We pulled out some bubbles this month for some entertainment one night, and Cooper lost.  his.  mind.  He loved them.  We got his excitement on video and I just love it.  He was so so so happy!

Blowing: Along with the bubbles, we taught him how to blow.  This is the cutest thing in the world to me.  I love it!  Here's a video of his cute (but not really effective) blowing.

Booster Seat:  Honestly, I had not been planning on moving Cooper to a booster seat for quite a while.  He is a crazy person, and I just figured that it would be a looooong time until he was reliable enough to sit in a seat that he wasn't strapped to.  Then, he started really misbehaving in his highchair and wasn't eating much while he was sitting in it.  We were at Grammy's house for dinner one evening, and he was really having issues.  She has a small table for the kids, so I pulled it out and put his dinner at that table….and he did so much better.  He stayed in his seat, and he actually ate his dinner.  Since then, we've been putting him in a booster seat (or in his highchair pushed up to the table with no tray) for most of his meals.  He is doing so well with it, and you can tell that he enjoys being a big boy!

He looks like such a little man!

Surgery:  This has been a little bit of a stressful month when it comes to Cooper.  I'll have a whole post on this coming up, but long story short - Cooper had to have surgery to correct ingrown toenails that he has been having issues with on and off since birth.  He came through it fine (I was a nervous wreck!), and we're still in the healing process now.  I am ready to have all of this behind us!

Big Helper:  A few months ago, I talked in Cooper's monthly post about how he loves helping me with laundry.  Not much has changed - he still loves it!  He's big enough now that he will actually pull clothes out of the hamper and put them in the washer for me.  And he'll help me transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer.  He is a big helper!  I took a little video of him helping me with LL's laundry one day.

-Hands down, his favorite thing to do (still) is to play outside.  Here's a video Grammy sent me one day of him splashing outside in puddles.
Bath time is still a favorite activity.

He really really is such a happy boy!

Sleeping with trucks in his hands - haha.

We sat outside and watched Daddy mow the grass one day and he was fascinated.  

Poor boy has to ride his sister's pink hand-me-downs.

He's still finding creative ways to play peek-a-boo!

Currently my favorite picture of these two.

Giving Mommy kisses.  Melt my heart.

LL and Cooper at 21 Months


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