Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tybee Island - Day 2 Evening

After Ben's birthday party and dinner, we decided to head down to the beach for one more swim before bed time!

I LOVE that these two are so close in age and love each other so much!

When we got to the beach, we saw some manatee that were hanging out very close to shore.  There's some water treatment plant close by that pumped fresh water out into the bay.  Manatee drink fresh water, so we are guessing that they were there to drink??

It was kind of the same old story again.  Kids in the water - me up at the tent with Coop.  :)

Uncle Gino got some GREAT pictures of the big kids playing in the water!

Water fight!!

I love this.  :)

Our only family picture from the trip!

Typical: Daddy fishing and Mommy trying to keep the sun off of the baby.

Up next: our last morning at the beach!



Emily said...

LL is SO PRETTY!!!!!!

Gino said...

... and for Emily's photo knowledge ... All the pics I took are with the aperture wide open to get the shallow depth of focus with blurry background.
But to compensate for the light ( too much with bright sun and no shade ) I had to use a neutral density filter on the lens.