Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4 Year Old Preschool Open House

Lorelai's open house for 4 year old pre-k fell during my pre-planning at school.  This was perfect because it was super easy for me to just take a longer lunch and run down to Valdosta to go to her open house with her.  Last year, her theme in her classroom was stars.  This year, it's frogs!

Outside of her new classroom with her new frog school bag!

They had little bags of green gummies to go with the theme.

I am just so proud of this sweet girl!  I can't believe that she's in her last year of pre-k.  She is just the biggest blessing to my life and her list of amazing qualities is a mile long!

Can you tell that she has a mouth full of cookie?  haha

They gave her a homework assignment to work on for the first day of school.  She got this paper cut out of a girl and was supposed to decorate it how she wanted to.  We ZERO percent helped her with this.  She got out her art box and went to town!

The finished product!  She insisted on coloring every inch of this girl so that she wouldn't be "naked" - haha.  I'm sure Daddy was *thrilled* with the blue and orange color choice.  Then she pulled out a bunch of her stickers (princesses and crosses - a perfect combo) and stuck them on there, too.

It was a great kick off to the school year!  I'm excited to see what this year has in store for her!  You can see last year's open house for 3 year old pre-k HERE.


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