Monday, October 21, 2013

Disney - Day 3

After our first awesome first day at the Magic Kingdom, we were ready to go to Hollywood Studios the next morning.  I think that the morning of this day was my favorite.  We still had plenty of trip ahead of us, but LL also really *got* what the trip was about this time.  She knew from the park the day before that we were about to have a super fun day!  The anticipation was just wonderful!

Ready to go!

The first place that we went to when we got in the park was to the Toy Story ride.  I knew that this was *the* ride to go to in the park and that it would get super crowded super fast.  We went straight there and, luckily, had only about a 10 minute wait.  

Glasses on and ready to go!

Haha.  STUD.

After we got off of the ride, we decided to walk right over to meet Buzz and Woody.  This is also an area that gets super crowded.  The line didn't look long at all, but it moved suuuuuppppper slow, so we waited for about 20 minutes and, when we hadn't moved very far, decided it wasn't worth it and left.  We did get a few cute pics of the kids while we waited, though!

Next, we found Sophia and waited in line to meet her.  This was, by far, one of the things that LL was most excited for about our whole trip to Disney.  She LOVES Sophia and was so so excited to meet her.  I'll be honest, I totally teared up when she got to meet her.  I just knew how much she really wanted this and how REAL this was for her.  It was an awesome Mommy moment!

Ben was up first!

Ben had put a sticker of the face of Jake on his shirt.  Sophia noticed and thought it was so funny!  She kept pointing to it, laughing, and taking it on/off.  It was cute.  :)

LL was next and this was just the BEST moment!

Look at the complete joy on this girl's face!

Where we met Sophia was right next to the Disney Jr show, so we went there next to watch.

We were some of the last people in, so we were in the very back.  Boo.  It was not the easiest to see, and there wasn't a lot of room for her to stand, so LL got a little frustrated.

Up and dancing!

After Disney Jr., we got in line to meet Jake!

Jake also loved their Jake and Izzy shirts.  

Next, we got some lunch and headed over to check out the Star Wars area.  Laura and Ben rode a Star Wars ride, but LL was a little too nervous, so we just waited for them.  Ben knows all about Star Wars from his Daddy, so we was excited to get a light saber.

Yes, we planned the green this day!

Snack time!!

Another thing we really wanted to do was to see the Beauty and the Beast live show.  There's not a ton for little kids to do at Hollywood Studios, so this was another thing that their age group could enjoy.  Plus, it got us out of the hot sun and let us sit down for a little bit!

Group picture!

After we did everything we wanted to, we decided to head out a little early.  We wanted to go back to the hotel, cool off a little bit, and then head to Downtown Disney to do some SHOPPING!  Once again, we got a pretty empty bus...

When we got back to the room, the kids needed a little break from each other.  LL found a place to play that was away from Ben, but still fun....the shower - haha.  She played in here for about 30 minutes - enjoying not having to share her toys and having some alone time.

At Downtown Disney, we decided to just eat at a sandwich place to avoid junk food and have a meal that wasn't fried or greasy.  It was very good!

After dinner, we shopped it up!!

On the way back to the bus, we passed one of those areas where the water shoots up out of the ground.  The day was over and we were just heading back for bed, so we let the kids go for it and play for a while.  They had a blast!

It was a really fun day, and we were all excited for our last day at the Magic Kingdom!!


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