Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Disney - Day 4

We woke up on our last morning of our vacation ready to go!!  We had another fun filled day at the Magic Kingdom ahead!

Our plan was to hit everything that we felt like we missed on our first day at the Magic Kingdom.  First up: Aladdin's flying carpets!

Afterwards, I actually talked LL into doing Pirates of the Caribbean.  Which SUPER shocked me.  I thought for sure she wouldn't go.  She was VERY nervous (and once we got on she wanted to get off - haha.  NOT possible!).  But she really did great and hasn't had any bad (lasting) memories of it.  She loves to sing the "yo-ho" song now.  

Ben's awesome pirate hook!  Argh!

After Pirates, Laura and Ben went to ride Thunder Mountain Railroad while LL and I took a snack break.  After her riding Splash Mountain two days before, and Pirates this day, I wasn't going to push her!

Churro time!!

Obviously we had to hit up It's A Small World again.  It's Lorelai's favorite!

This is what she looks like the entire time - haha.

We split up from Laura and Ben again for a little while.  I don't remember where they went, but we set out to do Belle's Story Time again.  The wait was about 45 minutes, so we skipped it and did Ariel again instead.  Much better, anyway!

After Ariel, we met back up with Laura and Ben for some lunch at the Pinocchio restaurant.

Who is ready for pizza?!

After lunch, we hit the tea cups.  My stomach was not doing so great, so I sat this one out and let Aunt Laura handle it.  


Another favorite for everyone -the carousel!

By this point, we were all getting suuuuper hot and kind of over it. We headed over to Tomorrow Land in hopes of cooling down some.  We also ditched the stroller for a little while and I enjoyed walking hand-in-hand with two of my favorite kids in the world.

I convinced LL to go on Buzz and, despite this ADORABLE picture of her and Aunt Laura, she absolutely hated it - haha.

We set off to find a funnel cake for a snack (!!!) and accidentally stumbled upon Tiana.  She had *just* come out and was in this super weird location, so NO ONE was around.  We got right in to see her.  Ben charmed the mess out of her and got to give her a kiss AND get one in return!


She was super sweet to LL, too.  Honestly, I think she was my favorite princess that we met.  She was just too too sweet and talked to them for a long time.  I loved it.

Our longest wait of the day was the 30ish minutes that we waited in line for Tinkerbelle.  It was supposed to be several fairies, but when we got back there, it was just Tinkerbelle.  We were bummed!

Tinkerbelle saw the kiss on Ben's cheek from Tiana and added another one on the other side.  He was the stud of the day, for sure!

I loved all of the fall Mickey's everywhere!

We got her ears hat on our last visit two years ago, so this time we added an ears "handband" to our collection.  She took forever to decide, but finally decided on pink sequins.

We made our way out of the park so that we could go back to the hotel and get ready for our reservations at The Rainforest Cafe.  Bye-bye Magic Kingdom!

Of course we had to stop and say hey to Sally on the way in.

We changed clothes, cooled down, and headed to Downtown Disney for dinner.  Isn't this adorable??  They stood there holding hands and watching the alligator for several minutes.

We got a pretty good table very close to the elephants.  LL was in HEAVEN!

After dinner we had to stop outside to take some pictures!

As we walked back to our room, we said goodnight and goodbye to all of the cars on the way.  Bye Radiator Springs!

Aunt Laura is to thank for this awesome pose that LL insisted on doing for the rest of the night.  ;)

Yay for an awesome trip to Disney World!!

Two exhausted Mommy's!

It was an absolutely perfect trip, and I'm so happy that LL and I got to spend this time with Aunt Laura and Ben!  We are so blessed to have family that we love so much and love to spend time with.  Here's to many more Disney vacations in our future!

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Emily said...

1) that pose with the cars is HILARIOUS

2) I LOVVVVVVE the pic with her mouse ears. SO PRECIOUS! My fav of the whole trip!

3) we are so different haha I HATE the Halloween decor at disney!!! Like loathe it. And we never ride tea cups. And Belle's Storytime is WAY cooler than Ariel's ride! hahahaha How are we friends? ;)