Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday Funday

A few weekends ago, we had had a suuuuuper busy weekend.  We decided on Sunday to skip church (legit the first time other than sickness since before Cooper was born!) and stay home to spend some time together and get some chores done.  It ended up being a GORGEOUS day and we had just the best day as a family all together at home.  First up on the agenda...mowing the yard!  With an entire acre for a yard, it takes up a good bit of time for Matt to mow it.  It's not an easy task.  I took the kids out at the end of the job to let them take a few rides around.  Why do we need Wild Adventures tickets when we can ride the lawn mower for free??

Cooper LOVED it and wanted to just keep going and going and going.

Lorelai was actually super nervous about riding and didn't really want to do it.  After seeing Cooper do it, she couldn't be out done.  And, shocker, she had a blast.

We also planted a garden this year and finally had a watermelon that was ready to pick.  We're going to have to do some more research before next year because it still wasn't 100% ready even though it showed all of the "signs".

LL and Matt also found a teeny tiny lizard that they caught and put in the jar.  She named him "Lizard The Greater".  He was our pet for approximately 7 hours.

Before bed, we had to let Lizard The Greater go so that he could go find his family.

It wasn't anything special, but it's days like this that I love the most.  Just being at home with my family is some of the best days that we could have!


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