Thursday, October 10, 2013

First Day of Pre-K 4!

Last year, I was still home on maternity leave for LL's first day of 3 year old pre-k.  I didn't go drop her off in the morning, but I did go and pick her up after school on the first day.  This year, her first day was also my first day of school.  So this meant that there was really no way for me to be able to take her (or pick her up).  I mean, it's not really possible for me to miss my own first day of school.  Luckily, Matt is fantastic and knew how much I would be missing it.  He did a great job of getting some pictures of her before school!

She was excited and ready to go!

That's my girl - haha.

This is the picture he texted me at school.

Here's a shot at what Lorelai looked like on the first day of school last year and the first day of school this year.  Goodness she has grown in a year!!

She had a fantastic first day of school and is loving this year so far!  While I was sad to miss the first day this year, it did make it better knowing that, starting next year, LL will ride to school with me every day!  Yay!  I should never have to miss a first day again. :)



Lauren said...

Wow! From last year to this year she looks like she has grown and changed so much!!! How does it happen so fast!?

DanielleWoods91711 said...

I love her sweet birthmark! I had the same one on my hand that has faded with time. I wish it was still dark sometimes! Now it just looks like a rash/wound!