Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Disney - Day 2

The next morning, we got up super early.  We wanted to get to the park in time to watch the park open.  When they open the park, there's a pretty big to-do.  A lot of the characters pull up on the train and there's lots of singing and dancing.  I've actually never watched the park open, and I really wanted LL to experience it.  We actually ended up waking up around 6:00 (!!!) to make sure that we had plenty of time to get ready, eat breakfast, and make it to the park.  

We got magic bands for this trip.  They're just starting to really come out with them (we actually saw a lot of them around the park) and they are SUPER cool.  They are your park ticket, room key, and credit card.  All you have to do is hold your band up to either the room door, the park entrance, or the credit card machine and it works.  It was really awesome!  They mailed ours to Laura a few weeks before our visit, and they even had all of our names printed on the inside.  You can either get colors or plain grey.  We (obviously) got colors.  Mine was yellow, LL's was pink, Ben's was blue, and Laura's was green.

We were on one of the first buses to leave and it was not crowded at all.  I think there were only two other people on the bus.  
Ready to get to Disney!

Of course Grammy made LL and Ben shirts to wear every day.  We got SO MANY compliments on them.

The kids loved riding the bus - especially because they got to sit in big seats just like us.

Ready for a fun vacation with my best friend!

Pumped about our bands!

We made it to the park in plenty of time to take some pictures before the show!  This would also be a good time to say that having their names on their shirts was the best.  idea.  ever.  Park workers called them by name ALL day long.  And the kids LOVED it.  It made them feel even more special when everyone knew who they were and used their names.  It was so great!  As we were walking around, workers would say things like, "We're so glad you're here Ben!" and even cast members like Cinderella would call them by name.  Talk about feeling special when a princess knows who you are!  

So excited to be at the happiest place on earth with my best girl!  The park was so cute all decorated for Fall.  There were Mickey pumpkins everywhere!

Once we got in the park, our first stop was to see Mickey and the princesses.  They're right by the park entrance, and it's usually a short wait if you go straight there.  We had to wait less than 10 minutes to see both Mickey and the princesses.  I was a little nervous how this would go.  When we came last time, LL didn't want to have anything to do with any of the characters.  This time, she said she was excited to meet them, but I didn't know how she would do when we actually got in there.  She surprised me because she did GREAT.  She LOVED meeting everyone.  She hugged them, talked to them, was excited, and smiled great for pictures.  It was perfect!!

Laura and I didn't even notice that we had dressed in the same color, but it ended up looking great for pictures - haha.  And it made it easier to spot her if we split up at all because I knew what color she was wearing.  I think it turned out cute that Laura and I had the same color on and the kids matched each other, too.  Winning.

Rapunzel spent some time talking to LL about how they both had braids in their hair.  :)

Is this not the most precious thing ever??  LL was SO HAPPY!!

Next was Sleeping Beauty.  LL was sweet to her, but I don't think she knew much about who she was - haha.

It surprised me, but she was actually MOST excited to meet Cinderella.  Currently, Cinderella is her favorite.  She was so excited to meet her, that she actually got a little tongue-tied and didn't say much.  Cinderella was good at making conversation anyway.  :)

After meeting Mickey and the princesses, it was time to head out into the park and ride some rides!!

First up was LL's favorite - It's A Small World!

Then was her second favorite thing - the carousal!

When we came last time, we came during one of the busiest times of the year.  That meant that we didn't get to ride everything that we wanted to.  This time, we came on one of the lowest crowd levels of the year, so I wanted to make sure that we rode everything we wanted to.  Last time, we missed out on Dumbo.  This time, we weren't going to let that happen!

One ride that LL liked from last time was Winnie the Pooh.  And I like it because there's plenty for the kids to do while you wait in line to keep them entertained!

Another thing that we didn't get to do last time was the tea cups!

Snack break!

We also didn't do the race track last time.  And we probably won't do it again for a while - haha.  LL was a TERRIBLE driver and neither one of us enjoyed it.  After a little while of driving terribly she said, "I'm done.  Mommy, you drive" - haha.  That's not an easy task when you're in the wrong seat!  Plus, this had to be one of the hottest rides there with all of the asphalt and the gas fumes.

I think Ben was a better driver than LL.

Can you see me trying to drive from the passenger seat?

We found some strawberry lemonade slushies to cool us down!

Meghan, Kevin, and Luke were at the park this weekend, too.  Amazingly, they saw us as we were getting off of the race track, so we decided to all do the people mover together.  The kids were kind of getting tired (it was nap time.  Yes, we skipped nap for 4 days straight!), and we needed to cool off.  Laura and Ben rode in one car so that LL and I could ride with Meghan, Kevin, and Luke.

Who knows what Meghan was talking about??  haha

All of the kids loved this ride!

We tried to get a group picture after the ride was over.  Can you tell what kind of mood everyone was in??

Before we left for Disney, LL and I watched a lot of youtube videos of the different rides at Disney.  One of the rides that we watched was Splash Mountain.  I was *shocked* that she wanted to ride it, but I went along with it.  I thought FOR SURE that she would back out before we got on, but she didn't at all!!  I was so surprised, but she loved it!  I was more nervous than she was!  While she liked it, she never wanted to do it again when I asked - haha.

Ready for splash mountain!

We were actually the last people to board the ride before they shut it down for thunder and lightening.  That's awesome right before you get on a water ride that's one of the highest points in the park!  Luckily, the rain held off until we got off of the ride.  And luckily we thought to bring ponchos!  Ben was pumped about his poncho - haha.

After Splash Mountain, we decided to head back to the hotel.  We really wanted the kids to be able to swim in the cool Nemo pool at the resort, and they hadn't been able to the night before because it rained so much.  When we got back to the room, we found a cute towel surprise waiting for us.  :)

Ready to go to the pool!

The huge Nemo pool was awesome (but crowded)!  We swam for a little while and the kids loved every minute of it.

The awesome thing about staying on property was that we got to say "hey" to all of the Cars cars on the way back to our room.  This is LL and the hippy bus from the movie.  We never could think of his name??

And of course we had to say hey to Sally!

The kids went to sleep super fast, and we were all ready for the next day at Hollywood Studios!


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