Wednesday, March 28, 2012

26 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Growth: This week, Baby C continues to practice his breathing by inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid. He also now has the brain capacity of a newborn. Isn’t that really cool? From now until delivery, half of his expelled energy will go to brain development. He is averaging about 14 inches long and weighs about 2 lbs. Pretty soon, his eyes will start to un-fuse and he will begin to blink. His hair on his head is continuing to grow in, and his eyelashes are starting to grow as well!
My Symptoms: Last week I talked about the left side of my rib cage hurting. It’s still doing it some, but it has felt much better this week. Another thing that went away was my nausea. Thank God. It must have just been my stomach bug hanging on because I’ve felt no nausea at all since Saturday. That junk sure did stick around for a while!

My heartburn has still been pretty bad, but I’ve started taking Tums a LOT more and that seems to be helping. I’ve even taken some to school with me to keep in my desk, and I just pop one in when I feel the acid coming on. It really seems to have helped a ton.

I’m still hungry ALL the time. I think this is just going to be how it is for a little bit. I remember not being hungry much at all at the end of my pregnancy with LL, so I’m thinking that this phase will be pretty short lived, also. Once he starts squishing my stomach a lot more, I’m sure my desire to eat will decrease some.

I’m not waddling yet, but I have a feeling that it’s coming on soon. Like, within the next 3-4 weeks. I just feel everything getting a little “loser” around my hips and my center of balance has been changing a lot lately.

Weight: My weight has been CRAZY because of that stomach bug, but the most consistent reading that I could get says that I’ve gained a pound. This puts me at a total of 10lbs so far. I’m pretty pleased with that!

Belly Picture:

Gender: Boy!

Maternity Clothes: Same as before. I’m wearing a good bit more maternity, but I still am wearing a ton of normal clothes, too. My pre-pregnancy pants are REALLY starting to not work as much anymore, so I have a feeling that wearing those is going to go out of the window here pretty quickly.

Movement: One of my favorite things. Movement is still VERY constant and it is getting VERY strong. Matt and I went to the movies on Sunday and I told him to put his hand on my belly. Baby C started kicking him SUPER strong and it shocked Matt – haha. I told him that that was how it felt most of the time now! I LOVE it! We’ve also started to be able to feel body parts. He’ll stick something way out and put it super hard against my belly, and I’ll really be able to feel little parts of him. It’s still hard for me to figure out what part I’m feeling, but it’s still really cool. Also, for the first time yesterday, I was 100% sure that he had the hiccups. LL used to get them ALL the time when I was pregnant, but I just haven’t been able to tell with Baby C if it was hiccups or just movement. Well, yesterday I could tell! He probably had them for a good 10 minutes, too!

Sleep: Oh my gosh. I have still been sleeping SO GOOD. I’m loving it! I can’t get enough, either! I could probably fall asleep at any given point in the day were I to be given the opportunity – haha.

What I Miss: I think I’m good on this right now? I’m really enjoying this stage of my pregnancy! It is getting pretty hard to do things like bend over, though.

What I’m Looking Forward To: I’m leaving for California with my sister in 3 days! I’m SOOOO EXCITED!!!!! I’m starting to get a good bit nervous, but I’m way more excited about it. I also have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday, so I always look forward to hearing his little heartbeat.

Cravings: No hardcore cravings for anything in specific. I’m just HUNGRY!

Best Moment of the Week: We literally had the BEST weekend. LL and I went with Kye and Emily to Veggie Tales Live on Friday night. Saturday I was still feeling a little nauseated, but it worked out good because Matt was working on our new shed all day. My step-dad came to help, and my mom came, too, so I was really able to rest a lot. Then on Sunday we had our first family picnic at the park for this spring and then Matt and I had a mini-date to the movies to see The Hunger Games on Sunday. It was an AWESOME weekend and I loved every second of it!

Questions or Concerns: Not really. I have my doctor’s appointment tomorrow, so that’s good. I’m still nervous about being dilated, but I know that my chances are slim.

Goals for the week: ENJOY my vacation with my sister!! Not be stressed out about leaving LL for this long. Not get too stressed about the flight. And HAVE FUN!


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