Sunday, March 11, 2012

Garden 2012

I don't know if you remember, but last year we attempted a mini-garden.  It did okay, but it was on a VERY small scale and never produced very much.  We did manage to get a couple of sunflowers and some VERY small tomatoes, but it was never anything really spectacular.  This year, Matt wanted to try something on a little bit bigger of a scale.  With me being pregnant and due in the middle of summer, I told him that it was fine with me, but that he was totally on his own.  I let him know that he couldn't count on me to help out much at all!  Honestly, I don't think this bothered him in the least.  It's a pretty big joke in our family about how HORRIBLE I am with plants.  No joke - my mom comes to my house once a week to water my plants.  So instead, Matt enlisted a new helper: Lorelai!  This is perfect because she LOVES to be outdoors, and she LOVES to help with things.  Truly a win-win situation!

To start things off, Matt bought a little garden box kit from Lowe's to put in the back yard.  He put it just outside of our fence so that the dogs couldn't get to it.  On the first day - he and LL just worked on getting it set up and putting the right kind of dirt and manure inside.

Big helper!

Getting her hands dirty.  :)

After that, he and LL got some seeds started in another little kit that stayed in our house.  Once the seeds started sprouting and were big enough to go outside, he and LL went back out and planted them along with some bigger strawberry plants that Matt bought.

Planting seeds on her own.  :)

What do you do when your outside and thirsty?  Take a drink from the hose, of course!

When the tornado came though last weekend, their pour little plants really did take a pounding.  He said out of all of the strawberry plants that they put in there, only 4 looked like they were going to make it.  He also planted some blueberry plants on the other side of the yard, but he said they looked okay.  Because of the hard rain and storms, I don't think he knows how it's going to turn out now, but I'm sure he and LL will be out there giving them lots of love and trying to get them to grow as much as they can!