Thursday, March 29, 2012

26 Week OB Visit

Today was my 26 week check-up.  I've actually been a little nervous about this one.  My appointment was today (Thursday) and I leave for my California trip with my sister tomorrow (Friday).  At my 22 week appointment, Marie said that she would check me today just to make sure that I'm not dilated before I leave since I'm going so far away from home.  I've been getting excited about my trip, but I haven't let myself get TOO excited just in case my body decided to do something crazy.

My appointment today was at 4:00.  They got my weight (showing I gained about 11 lbs.  It's hard to tell when it's the afternoon AND I have all of my clothes/shoes on.)  I don't know what my pulse was, but my blood pressure was 130/70.  That's a *little* high for me, but no one said anything about it so it must have been fine.

Marie came in pretty quickly and checked the heartbeat.  She said it sounded great, but I totally forgot to ask her how fast it was!  I was so nervous about getting checked!  Then she checked me and gave me the best news ever - my cervix is locked down tight and very thick!  Yay!

I asked her if Baby C was head down and if she could tell or not.  She felt around on my belly for a little bit and showed me where his head is.  His head is down, but it is NOT in my pelvis.  It's kind of off to the right side and his body is curved around the left side of my belly.  The fact that his head is not in my pelvis (at this point) is a very good thing!  It means that he is still floating around in there and isn't doing anything too serious.  I'm also really happy that he's head down.  I know that he still has plenty of time to flip around in there if he wants to, but most likely he'll stay this way for the rest of the time.

She said that my ankles would swell because of the plane ride, regardless of what I did.  And that it was nothing to worry about.  I need to drink TONS of water on the flight to stay hydrated.  Evidently flying can dehydrate you quickly?  I also need to get up and walk around a few times on the flight and I need to make sure to stretch and move my legs around when I'm in my seat.  Other than that, I'm good to go!

I go back in two weeks (Wednesday the 11th) for an OB check and my glucose check.  Marie will be out of town for this appointment, so I'll see Teresa instead.  I can't believe that it's time for me to start my every 2 week visits!!  This is also my last week in my 6th month and my 2nd trimester.  This pregnancy has FLOWN by!  



Recording Megow Adventures said...

yay! you're good to go :)

Unknown said...

Glad nothing stands in your way! Have fun!

Emily said...

I constantly drank water ask for two cups when they come by then when you run out ask for more even if they aren't walking around with the cart. I got up to walk and stretch every 30 min or so!!! Put the compression stockings on before take off ;)