Thursday, March 22, 2012

25 Weeks Pregnant!

Baby Growth: This week Baby C is measuring in at about 13.5 inches and weighs about 1.5 lbs (but we know our little guy is probably closer to 2 lbs.). All of his spine structures (vertebrae, joints, and ligaments) are all coming into place. This means that he is now able to support his body weight. He is also to make brainwave patterns – meaning that he is starting to gain a memory. The good thing about this? Not only can he hear our voices, now he can start to recognize and remember them! Lastly, all of the intricate details of his hands and fingers are now 100% complete!

My Symptoms: Just like last week, I’m still getting worn out mega easily. Simple tasks are definitely getting me winded. Also, I’m feeling much more short of breath than usual. I know this is because he’s getting bigger and the room for my lungs is getting smaller. No room = harder to breathe!

I have another weird symptom this week: the left side of my rib cage will occasionally hurt? I don’t know how to describe it. It’s kind of like when you run and get a stitch in your side. Except it’s in my ribs. And I for sure haven’t been running anywhere. I know it’s not directly related to him (by kicking or anything) because he’s not quite that high up yet.

I really hope that this symptom is a random thing that will go away – but I think my nausea is back this week?? I really really hope that it’s just a fluke and not something that will stick around. It will happen at random times and thankfully it doesn’t usually last very long. It was so bad this past weekend in Atlanta that I had to take some medicine for it. It’s the first time that I’ve taken medicine in like 9 weeks! Then, Tuesday night I fell asleep on the couch.  When Matt woke me up to tell me to go to bed, I was SO nauseated and ended up in the bathroom throwing up.  I was tempted to say that it was from dinner (I had Mexican), but honestly, I really don't know if it was dinner, pregnancy, or a stomach bug (there's one going around).  Or even a combination of the three.  All I know is that it's AWFUL and I'm praying that all of this passes quickly.

I’ve also started having TONS of heartburn. Like, I burp about 1,000 times a day and when I do – it’s nothing but acid. And it HURTS. I’m starting to take tums (and they help), but I HATE them. They’re sure better than the acid, but I’m not liking this at all.

This last symptom is the one that has been the most dominant this week: I am so super HUNGRY. Like – for real – all the time. I could literally eat all day. I’m not letting myself and I’m eating pretty normal, but I could no joke just sit and eat all day long. And the funny thing is, SO MANY THINGS sound so good.

Weight: I gained .5 lbs this week, bringing me to a total weight gain of 9 lbs. Everything I’ve been reading says that if I’m going to gain between 25-35lbs (which is the acceptable weight gain for my height and build – I’m only shooting for 25 though), that I should have gained 15-19 lbs by now. So even though I’m now consistently gaining, it is for sure still under the “normal” for how far along I am. That’s good considering that this baby is HUGE!  I honestly look at myself and think, "there is NO WAY that I have only gained 9lbs."  Honestly, if it wasn't ME, I wouldn't believe it.  Sometimes I really don't even believe my own scale, but the doctor's scale says the same thing.  But I totally think that I look like I've already gained like 25 lbs.  

Belly Picture: Um. Hello belly. Guys – I’m HUGE. Like, to the point where my fellow teachers at school laugh at me when I walk into a room because I’m so big. Holy. Cow.

I also didn't take this picture on Wednesday.  Wednesday was the day after I was up in the middle of the night throwing up, and I actually stayed home from work.  I looked a MESS and was in no condition to be taking a picture.  So I took one today, instead.

LL wanted to get a pic this morning, too.  :)

I'm definitely WAY bigger right now than I was at this point with LL!

Gender: Boy!

Maternity Clothes: This is still about the same as last week. I’m wearing more maternity clothes than before, but still not ALL the time. I’ll be honest though, my choices in “regular” clothes that I can wear are getting VERY slim. Most of this is simply due to the fact that most of my regular stuff just isn’t long enough. I mean, did you see that picture up there? This belly is big!

Movement: This boy is still a mover and a shaker! He pretty much moves all day long and I love it! I did have a few weird/cool things this week.

1-One day at school, he hit me so hard at the top of my tummy AND the bottom of my tummy at the SAME TIME that it made me dizzy! Like, he hit and then the room spun!! I didn’t really hurt, it just caught me really off guard.

2-He must have done some weird moving around in there yesterday because he was sitting on my bladder and making me feel like I desperately had to go to the bathroom, but then he must have also been sitting on all of my “plumbing” because I couldn’t really pee! I could get a little out, but then I still felt like I had to go a TON! It honestly scared me for a few minutes. Along with all of this, because he was so low while he was doing this, he was putting a TON of pressure “down there”. I started to get really nervous, but then he moved and it all went away. Problem solved.

3-Matt and I finally got to feel a body part! I have no idea if it was a head or a butt (I’m thinking butt), but we could feel him through my skin (versus just feeling a hard spot). We used to be able to feel LL’s feet all the time and we loved it, so I was really excited to start this part of pregnancy – “guess that body part” – haha.

Sleep – This has still been AWSOME this week. I’m so happy that I haven’t been having rough nights lately!

What I Miss: People not telling me how huge I am! I mean really guys – I know how big my belly is. Trust me. I’m the one carrying it around. You don’t have to tell me all the time that my belly is huge!

What I’m Looking Forward To: decorating his nursery! We got ALL of the furniture this weekend and it’s all up and in his room. Now I get to start buying and ordering things to put in there! Plus, I FINALLY have a place to nest and I’m pumped about it!

Cravings: Gah – ANYTHING! I’m hungry all of the freaking time!

This week I was totally craving Waffle House and cheese danish.  Not at the same time, duh.  Two separate cravings.

Best Moment of the Week: Hands down it was seeing how excited LL was/is about Baby C’s room. She LOVES to go in there and talk about where he’s going to sleep, rock in the rocking chair, etc. It makes me SO HAPPY to see how excited she is. She is now constantly saying, “MY baby is in Mommy’s tummy”. That girl sure can melt my heart!

My Questions or Concerns: Nothing really right now. I leave for Cali next Friday, so I’ve already started praying that I won’t be dilated when they check me the day before we leave. I know that the chance of that is SO SMALL, but I’m still pretty freaked out about it.

Goals for the Week: Now that the nursery is put together, I need to start mega cleaning the rest of my house. It is overdue for some serious deep cleaning.



Emily said...

I dont think you look tgat big...and you can tell it its all baby!!!!

Recording Megow Adventures said...

he may be in the breech position at the moment? and thats why your belly is big? Stevie was my biggest belly, but I gained the least with her, she was breech

Robyn said...

Em - Thanks! You are literally the ONLY person saying that - haha.

Crissy - I guess there's always the possibility, but every time we've had an ultrasound he's been head down? So I really have no clue.