Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Beauty Day

For Valentine's Day, we bought LL a little Hello Kitty make-up set. It came with two rings that opened and had lip gloss inside.  It also came with 3 little things of glitter nail polish.  The whole set was pretty cheap (it was like $3, I think), so I wasn't to worried about wasting money if she didn't like it.  She has been getting more interested in make-up lately and will ask to hold my make-up (I just give her some never-used make-up sponges) and sometimes will ask me to put a little eye shadow on her eyes.  I really *love* the girly part of having a girl, so I was pretty excited about this little set.

Last summer I used to paint her toes ALL.  THE.  TIME.  She would literally ask me to do it every single day.  I did do that a lot, but I've never painted her fingernails before.  The Saturday after Valentine's Day I got the kit out to let her play with it.  After I showed her how the lip gloss worked, she said she wanted to go in her room by herself - haha.  Typical 3 year old, right??  We actually did let her take them in there by herself, but we explained to her that it did NOT go anywhere but on her lips.  We told her that she was not allowed to put it anywhere else (the walls, floor, etc.)  She seemed to understand, so we let her have some freedom.  After about 5 minutes of silence, I asked her what she was doing (from the other room).  She said she was playing with it still.  I asked her to come into the room and, when she did, it was everything we could do to not bust out laughing.  I didn't want to laugh at her because I didn't want to make her feel self-conscious about what she had done.  She gets embarrassed VERY easily, so we try to be careful about not hurting her little spirit.  Anyway...this is what we found...

Yes, it was even on her teeth - haha.

She did good, though!  She had completely listened and had not put it anywhere other than her face!  It was not on her carpet, walls, toys, etc.  She made such a good choice!

After that, I pulled out an old towel and let her paint her own nails - also a first for her.  She had so much fun.  She did her toes, my toes, and her nails.

Both of our painted nails (mine done by me obvs - haha)

Matching toes!

She still wanted to paint more, so she asked daddy if she could paint his toes, too.  He was an awesomely good sport and told her sure.  :) The upside for him is that this polish is so cheap, that it literally washes away in the bath/shower.  We were all polish free by the end of the night.

Such a good sport and an AWESOME daddy!

They're not much prettier with polish - haha.

Recently, she and I had another "beauty day", but this time we used some of my real polish.  I really wanted the polish to stick and not wash off - hence why we used mine.  I had already done my toes, so she did her toes and her fingers.  Then, she did my fingers to match. :)

Matching toes again - this time with real polish.

She did a pretty good job.

I think they look perfect.  :)

She had SO MUCH FUN and it was totally worth the little mess that she made on her skin (and mine).  The cutest part is that it has stayed on her nails and I think it's ADORABLE to see her with little painted fingernails.  

Next up: trying to convince her to go to the nail salon with me.  :)


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Emily said...

Super cute!!!! She would probably love the nail place!