Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August Randoms

Well hello, random posts!!  Since I did weekly posts in the summer to catch all of our random things, I didn't do a monthly random post for June or July.  Now that school is back in, the monthly random posts are back!  Here is all of the stuff from August that didn't fit into a post of its own:

I ordered this shirt from Sassy Steals, and I am in love with it.  If there was anything that described me the most accurately, this is it!

During one of my pre-planning days, LL spent the day with Oma, Opa, and Ben!  They had a blast and did lots of fun things like go to The Mill and eat ice cream!

Too bad Aspyn isn't adapting well to life in our household!

I loved the Barbie filter on snap chat this month!

LL spent a few hours at Gigi's one day, and I picked her up some lunch on the way there.  We went to Chick-Fil-A and she said she wanted a sandwich - and she ate the whole thing!

One thing is for sure - our children are water babies!

I love me a good gym selfie.  ;)

This cracked me up!

Our fall kid's sales were this month, and me and the girls hit up Steak-n-Shake afterwards!

Car-line selfies!

Matt sends me pictures every morning, and I adore this one of him and Coop!

A little sparkle on a Friday!

One weekend this month, the same girl that I've ordered cookies from for LL's birthday party and Cooper's birthday party was hosting a "decorate your own cookies" class.  I knew that LL would absolutely love this, so I signed her up!  It ended up falling on a day where Cooper had a small stomach virus, so it was actually a perfect way to keep the two of them separate for a little while.

I was impressed!  It was very organized, LL had a blast, and she actually did better than I expected!

She loved bringing home a box of her own cookies!

LL and Daddy went to church on their own one Sunday and I stayed home with Cooper just to make sure he wasn't contagious after his small tummy bug.  I sure love these two!

These two ending up this close together is nothing short of a miracle.

A "happy morning" picture from Coop!

So of course we had to send some back!

This kills me.  Love it!

When you haven't worn pants all summer, and you get to school and realize that the one's you're wearing are waaaaay too big.  It's a good problem to have until you have to spend all day pulling your pants up!

August is not my favorite month, and I was having kind of a rough go at it for a few weeks.  I came home one afternoon to the sweetest note taped to my side of the mirror.

Headed to a birthday party!

I can't even with these two.  They are so stinkin' cute.

LL was excited when I got her a new dress and we were able to twin to church!

Every year that we've had a kid at PAUMC (this is our 4th year), I've always seen kids come out of the building with their ant hats.  FINALLY, I have a kid in the class that does that!  I was pumped when Cooper came home with his ant hat!

Showing off his muscles!

LL's class studied moon phases, and her teacher posted this picture of a cute activity that they did in class!  LL loved it and told me all about it (and she made a 105 on her science test, so I guess it worked - haha)!

During the school year, we typically eat dinner with Grammy and Pop every Thursday.  They try a lot of Thursday's to have a fun activity for the kids to do.  This week?  Colored water balloons and frog catching!

Bono was on my time hop one day this month - and it was the last picture that we ever took of him.  While we miss him so much, we're also so thankful for this sweet girl who is in our lives now.  She is every good part of Bono but magnified.  We lost him in October, which is the same month she was born.  We're not thinking that was a coincidence.

I always dress my kids for "casual Friday", and this week Cooper was pumped to wear his Avenger's shirt!

After school, he and Grammy went on a lunch date to Waffle House!

It's almost deer season.  Some of us are more excited than others, but I thought Matt would get a kick out of this.

Gigi picked Cooper up from school one day and he got to swim after nap.  He loved it, and it was possibly his last swim until last summer.

We snuck in some outside time after school one day!  I love these swinging buddies.

Cuteness overload!

The last day of August brought in some awful allergy symptoms, including a red, itchy, goopy eye.  Gross!

That's a wrap for August!  Come on, September!!  We are ready for Fall!!


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