Tuesday, September 27, 2016

A Day in the Life - September 2016

It's been quite a while since I've done a "day in the life post".  In fact, the last one I could find was from 2014??  Goodness!  I always love reading these types of posts from other people, and I really want to start doing at least 2 a year (one in school and one in summer).  I need to make that a new goal!  I did this post last Monday, September 19.  Here's what a typical day looks like for me:

5:00 - up and at 'em!  My alarm goes off at 4:45, but I lay in bed until 5:00.  I'm the first one up in our house, and I get up and get my shower while everyone else sleeps.

This morning was a great surprise - I hit exactly -40 lbs of weightloss this day!  In January, I was 161 lbs, and this was the first time I had seen 121 on the scale.  If you haven't already, you can read all about our weightloss journey HERE.

When I get out of the shower, I wake Matt up and he gets in (about 5:30).  When he gets out, he goes to wake LL up and bring her to our bed (about 5:45).  She rolls around and watches TV in our room for about 15 minutes.  Some mornings she's happy, and some mornings it is a struggle - you never know what you're going to get!  Luckily, this morning she was happy!

Matt gets LL started on breakfast at 6:00 while I finish getting ready.

6:10 and I'm all ready!

After I'm ready, I head to the kitchen to get my breakfast.  My typical breakfast is a bagel with cream cheese (and water), but we were all out, so this morning I just had a granola bar and water.  Not my favorite.

In the process of LL eating breakfast, Cooper usually hears us and gets up, too.  While I eat my breakfast, LL finishes hers. (The kids get to eat breakfast at their little table in the living room while they watch TV.)

LL and I usually finish breakfast at the same time, and then we get her ready.  She gets dressed, brushes her teeth, and we do her hair.  

You know you're a book worm when this is what the inside of your purse looks like!

LL and I load up all of our stuff and hit the road!  My clock in my car is 12 minutes fast, so it was actually 6:36 when we pulled out of the garage.

7:05 and we're at LL's school for drop-off!

7:12 - I'm at my school with 3 minutes to spare.  ;)

At 8:30-8:45ish, Matt sends me my "happy morning" pic.  This morning, I got one of both of my boys!

I teach class from 7:45 - 9:30, and then I have my planning period.  This day, I spent some time getting things done on my computer.

Sometimes, I take an actual lunch break and eat in the break room with my co-workers.  Other days, I eat really quickly in my room so that I can get things done.  Today, I had a quick lunch in my room.  Here's what I was eating: 2oz of ham, a balanced break, and 1 cup of grapes!

I started a new book during my lunch time!

After my quick lunch, I spent the last few minutes of my planning period making copies.

I pick my kids back up at 11:30 and teach straight through until 3:15.  It was 3:45 and this girl and I are headed home!

As soon as I got home, I changed and did my workout.  I finished at 5:03 - I worked out for 30 minutes and burned 136 calories!

Another day done on the workout calendar!

For dinner this day, I put some frozen pasta in the slow cooker that I froze a few weeks ago.  The pasta didn't translate very well, but it still tasted good!

While I was working out, Daddy and Cooper got home!  Cooper was excited to show me his work from the day!  "D" is for daisies and daffodils!

"D" is also for sprinkle donuts.  ;)

We had a few minutes before dinner was ready, so I blogged for about 15 minutes.

Getting my post ready for the next day!

Then we all sat down for a yummy dinner!

After dinner, this girl and I did some homework while Daddy cleaned up the dinner stuff.

Cooper brought home some geckos from Grammy and Pop's house to give to LL!

The kids went outside with Daddy to let the geckos go and to feed the chickens and get the eggs.  While they did that, I unloaded/loaded the dishwasher.

The kids came inside and played for a few minutes while I folded some laundry that got washed the day before, but didn't get put away.  I hit my calorie goal for the day while doing my laundry!  303 of 300 calories!

A 5 minute laundry break with DCC Making the Team.  :)

After folding the laundry, I needed to give Cooper a quick hair cut before his bath.  He was waaaay overdue and it was so long!

After Cooper's haircut, Daddy put him in the bath.  While the boys did bath time, LL read in our room while I ironed my shirts for the rest of the week.

After I did laundry, LL got in the bath, and then we did our nighttime routine.  Once the kids were down, it was time for me to make lunches for the next day.  LL's lunch:

My lunch:

After all of my chores, I had one thing on the brain: ICE CREAM!

Ice cream and more DCC!

While I watched TV, I also painted my nails for the week.  I usually do it on Sunday night, but didn't get to it the night before.

Before I headed to bed, I checked on the kids:

9:23 and I am done!

Matt was here during the day!  Haha.  He only made it into two pictures, but he was around.  :)

9:30, alarms are set, and I am out!

We typically will watch TV in bed for 30-45 minutes before going to sleep.  That's a wrap on my Monday!

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