Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

We were super busy this year around Halloween, so we didn't get to carve our pumpkin until the day before.  It kind of worked out well, though, because it is still typically pretty warm here at the end of October, and carved pumpkins don't usually last that long.  When we went to the pumpkin patch, we ended up coming home with 9 pumpkins (most were little!).  We only got one that was big enough to carve.  

One evening we put on all of our play clothes and headed outside to get to carving!

Ready to go!  My official job was picture-taker as I don't really care to touch all of the nasty insides of the pumpkin.  

LL sure didn't mind, though!

Cooper didn't really want to touch it, either, but he had fun scooping it in and out of the bowl.


Finished product!


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