Thursday, December 19, 2013

LL's Thanksgiving Feast

The week before Thanksgiving, LL had her Thanksgiving Feast at school.  Last year, I wasn't able to go because I had used up all of my leave.  Thankfully, this year it wasn't a problem!  I met Matt at the school and we both were able to be there to support her this year.  

They had all the tables set up, and all the parents were instructed to sit at their child's seat.   At LL's seat was a placemat that she made, an Indian cup she made, and her plate of food.

All of the classes started filing in.  They all walked around the perimeter of the room singing a song.  LL's class was dressed up like Indians.  They had all made t-shirts, necklaces, and headbands to wear.

After all the classes were in the room, each individual class sang some songs that they had been working on.   LL got a little nervous half way though, but she did great in the beginning!  After singing they were dismissed to sit with parents and eat.

I was so proud of my little Indian, and I'm so happy I was able to go to her Feast this year!


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