Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cooper's 4 Month Pictures

Obviously the whole point of this shoot was to get pictures of Cooper.  For LL's first year, we did pictures at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.  We wanted to stay on that same schedule for Cooper.  So while I wanted to get some family shots (and a few of LL), I wanted the main focus to be on Cooper.

Lindsay at Captured by Colson did a GREAT job of getting pictures of my little man.  He was pretty tired (as we ran over nap time), but I still think he did really well.

Here are the best shots of Cooper!





Seriously, one of my favorite pics.  I LOVE how much he looks like his Daddy!



I wanted to make sure to get some pics of just the three of us, but that ended up being easier than I thought considering LL wanted NOTHING to do with any more pictures.  When she's 20 and wonders why we don't have many pictures (or happy ones, at least) from this year, she has no one to blame but herself!




I ADORE this one!



He looks nothing like his Mommy - haha.










I LOVE this one.  Especially how you can see Matt and LL in the background. 




My favorite one of Cooper from the entire day!









I love this one, too.  :)


I just can not say enough how happy I am with these pictures!  I love them so much more than going to a studio like we did with LL.  

Which ones of my little man do you like the best?

Next up: the few pictures we got of LL - :)


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Emily said...

THE SMILING ONES!!!!! ohmygoodness!!!! i love this location too...maybe have to steal it in the future ;)