Friday, November 23, 2012

Cooper's 4 Month Pictures: LL

It's no secret that LL is not in the most picture-taking stage lately.  Honestly, getting a good picture out of her is a pretty big chore!  While the purpose of these pictures was to capture Cooper at this age, it's also inevitable that pictures of LL will be taken, too (which I'm so happy about).  While she wasn't in the most cooperative mood, I do think that Lindsay managed to get some good ones of my best girl.  :)



Goldfish make everyone happy, right?  :)

She is the BEST big sister.  Her love for her brother just melts my heart!





I LOVE this one.

I am so blessed to be married to a man who takes his job as a father seriously.  His love for his kids just pours out of him!



While this one isn't posed and is very candid, I love it.  This is a real picture of motherhood.  :)




Another big thanks to Lindsay at Captured By Colson for these beautiful pictures!  We are all so happy with them!


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