Monday, November 12, 2012

LL's Weekly Work - Week 11

LL's 11th week of school was from October 22-26.

At school, they had a fun week singing pumpkin songs, reading Halloween books, and making Halloween crafts.  They read fun books like, "Where's My Mummy", "I Need My Monster", "We're Going on a Ghost Hunt", "5 Little Pumpkins", and "Spookley the Square Pumpkin".  Here's a video of LL singing the "5 Little Pumpkins" song.

LL spent the night with her Gigi on Sunday night and then Gigi took her to school the next morning.  This was the best shot Gigi could get.  :)

Horribly blurry iPhone pic - but you get the idea.

Rocking out her pumpkin shirt!


I have no idea, but somehow we ended up without a picture from Friday.  If memory serves me correctly, I think she refused.

We did manage to catch up on all of her art work that we had forgotten to take pics of.  Here is all of her art work for about the last three weeks:

Her frog with a fly on his tongue!

She LOVES this fish and wants to carry it around all of the time!

A hotdog

Hands down my FAVORITE piece of artwork from this year - "I am a Gift of God!"

She cut out and colored her stars (all blue - duh).

LL can cut a heart!

coloring more hearts

They talked about building their house on the rock (Jesus!) and how it will fall if you build it on sand.

They went to the pumpkin patch at school and each child got to pick out a pumpkin.  This is how they taught them to hold them.  :)

Hopefully I'll be caught up on these posts soon!


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