Monday, November 19, 2012

Halloween 2012

I'm not a super huge fan of Halloween, but it's for sure something that I want to do with my kids each year.  I do like the dressing up, trick-or-treating part of it, I just don't like the ghosts, goblins, scary part of it.  

For LL's first Halloween, she just wore a cute pumpkin onesie and we went to a local church's fall festival.  For her second Halloween, we went with Zach and Emily to their church's trunk or treat because our other Halloween plans fell through.  Last year, we went with Ben to Wild Adventures and played there.

This year, I wanted her to have a legit trick-or-treating experience because I really felt like she was old enough.  She ended up having a super fun day that was filled with dressing up and candy.  First, her school was having their own trick-or-treating between the classrooms.  She picked to dress up as Uh-Oh (shocker), so we had the cutest kitty around!  Here she was getting ready for school in the morning.

Fake Uh-Oh with the real Uh-Oh.

Cooper just went to Grammy's dressed normally.  :)  Then, that evening, we got all dressed up again (even Cooper!) and headed to go trick-or-treating with LL's BFF, Coley.  

Cooper was dressed as the president.  Not THE president.  But the president in 2048.  ;)

This was his mustache, but we had to take it off because he was getting black crayon EVERYWHERE because he was constantly chewing on his hands.

My cuties!  :)

At Coley's house, we met several other people there, and loaded up in a hay ride to go trick-or-treating!  It was SO much fun!  I ended up riding behind the hay ride in a golf cart with Coop and a few other babies.

Our family is ready to go!

The hay ride!

Daddy rode on the hay ride with her and she was in HEAVEN!

First stop!  It was a pretty scary decorated house, but I was so proud of her - she went up there!  She ran away super fast, but she did it!

Coley is definitely her BFF!

Coop and I had fun just riding along.  :)

We did get out at a few of the stops to walk around some.  

She has started to become so independent!  She never once asked us to go up to a door with her!  Coley makes her feel brave - haha.

We had to head out a little early because of Cooper's bed time.  He stayed awake the entire time we rode around the neighborhood, but of course, fell asleep AS SOON as they dropped us back off at the house to get all of our stuff.  Of course.

On the way home, we made quick stops at the grandparents' houses to trick-or-treat.  First stop: Gigi and Poppy's.

Then another quick stop at Oma and Opa's.

She really did have SO much fun, and I'm thankful that she got to share it with her best friend.  Hopefully we can make this a tradition every year.  ;)  After the kids were in bed, we went though LL's bucket to pull out candy that wasn't appropriate for her.  This was Matt's favorite part of the night.  ;)


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