Monday, November 26, 2012

Cooper's 4 Month Well-Baby Check-Up

We got a little "off" with Cooper's well-baby check-ups, so we didn't end up taking him to his 4 month appointment until November 13 - when he was only a week and a half away from turning 5 months.  Here's how our visit went:

Here are Cooper's stats from this month:
Weight: 17 lbs 6 oz - 80 % + 2 lbs 10 oz from 2 months (95%)
Height: 26 3/4 inches - 84% + 3 1/4 inches from 2 months (75%)
Head Circumference: 17 1/4 inches - 75% + 1 1/2 inches from 2       months (50%)

Here's what he looks like compared to LL's stats at 4 months:
LL was 13 lbs 12 oz - so he's 3 lbs 10 oz heavier
LL was 24 1/2 inches long - so he's 2 1/4 inches longer
LL's head circumference was 16 inches - so his head is 1 1/4 inches bigger.

What this means is, he's growing great, but is growth is slowing down a little, and his percentages are evening out some.  At two months, he was wider than he was long (and he was at the top of the charts).  This month, he's longer than he is wide, and his percentages are lower.  Don't get me wrong, he's still a really big baby, he's just not topping out the charts like he was before!

Here's what we talked about at his appointment:
-I expressed my concern with how much he's eating.  On a typical day, he eats between 32 - 35 oz.  There are rare days when it's less, and he's eaten up to 37 oz. before, but this is his normal range.  She said that since he's eating so much, we can go ahead and start trying some cereal with him (from a spoon - not in his bottle) at around 5 months.

-When she was doing all of her routine checks, she heard a slight murmur.  It was a PA that was doing our appointment, so she said she would have Dr. Blache come and check it out since no one had ever mentioned hearing one before.  Dr. Blache came in and said that she heard it, too.  She said it's "in the back" (??), so more than likely, when his valves were forming, the just formed at more of a right angle and the blood just makes a murmur sound when it rounds the corner.  She said she didn't want to do any more testing and that we'd just listen to it again at 6 months.

-She looked at the spot on his arm again.  I let her know that it is more of a red color when he's warm, and more of a purple color when he's cold.  She said that maybe it's something vascular.  She didn't say much else about it, so I guess we'll see what she says at 6 months.

He got 3 shots and an oral vaccine.  The girl that did the shots was SO. SLOW. with them and he let us know about it.  About the time the he got over one stick, she did another.  He HATED it, I HATED it, and it was just terrible.  Hopefully next time we'll get somebody faster.

Other than that, he's doing great and is a perfectly healthy boy!  We go back in January (around the middle of the month) for his 6 month appointment!  I'm actually going to call and see if we can go ahead and do LL's 4 year appointment then, too.  Killing two birds with one stone, right?


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Unknown said...

We got off on our well baby check ups, also. Presley goes tomorrow. She will be 5 months on Sunday. Oops!

Good to know you have a healthy boy on your hands!