Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cooper - 5 Months Old!

I don't know how it happened, but another month has gone by!  My sweet man is now 5 months old, and I am loving EVERY second of it!

Here is how Coop is doing compared to the milestones in What to Expect the First Year:

Weight: 17 1/2 lbs
Diaper: Size 2, but we only have about 20 left before he'll be in size 3.
Clothes: Very few 3-6 month, mostly all 6 month, and just starting to get into 6-9 month stuff.

We've moved to the 4 hour schedule!  Yay!  Here's what his day looks like:
7:00 up and eat (7 oz)
8:30 down for nap
11:00 up and eat (8 oz)
12:30 down for nap
3:00 up and eat (7 oz)
4:30 down for a cat nap
5:00ish up from nap
6:30 bath
6:45 bottle (8 oz)
7:00 bed time
He still gets up once (sometimes twice, but it's not as often) around 1:30 - 2:30 to eat.  He eats 5 oz and goes straight back to bed.

Cooper can do most of the things that a 5 month old baby should be able to do:
-hold head steady when upright
- squeal in delight
-reach for an object
-smile spontaneously
-smile back when you smile
-grasp a rattle held to backs or tips of fingers
-keep head level with body when pulled to sitting

There were a few things that Cooper can not do from the "should be able to" section:
-on stomach, raise chest, supported by arms {he has done this a few times, but I don't really count it unless he does it on a regular basis.  He lays on his stomach supported by his arms, he just doesn't extend his arm and raise up his chest}
-pay attention to an object as small as a raisin {again - we never do this!  When do I think to show him something that small??  Never.}

Cooper can do all of the things that a 5 month old baby will probably be able to do:
-roll over (one way) {he still goes belly to back, but not back to belly yet}
-bear some weight on legs
-say "ah-goo" or similar vowel-consonant combinations
-turn in the direction of a voice

Cooper can not do what a 5 month old baby may possibly be able to do:
-sit without support

Cooper can do some of the things that a 5 month old baby may even be able to do:
-stand holding on to someone or something {he can't do it for long, but he can stand holding onto my fingers}
-object if you try to take a toy away
-work to get a toy out of reach

There were some things that Cooper can not do from the "may even be able to" section:
-pull to standing position from sitting
-pass a cube or other object from one hand to the other
-rake with fingers a tiny object and pick it up in fist {why would I try this?!}
-babble, combining vowels and consonants, such as ga-ga-ga, ba-ba-ba, ma-ma-ma, da-da-da

Here's how much my little man has changed in 5 months:

And here's how much he and LL look alike!



Joeylee said...

he's to cute and looks so much like your husband

Emily said...

look at him sitting so good!!!!!!

Emily said...

He and LL look SO alike! He has really thinned out compared to his two month pictures. He is a doll! Makes me excited for a boy!

Unknown said...

Mrs. Mullican, he is too cute!!! I have been keeping up with him on Twitter. I am in the 8th grade now, and I still remember being in 6th grade with Mrs. Youngblood, Ms. Winfield, Ms. Daugharty, Mrs. Boyd, and you. I cannot wait to see you again!

Blessings from your former student, Brandon Harris.