Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cooper's 4 Month Pictures: Family

For LL's 3rd Birthday pics, we decided to not go to Portrait Innovations and instead use an independent photographer.  I really wanted her pictures to be more "real".  We ended up going with Lindsay Colson with Captured by Colson.  I was so happy with how LL's pics turned out, and I couldn't wait to work with Lindsay again.

When it came time for Cooper's 3 month pictures, I knew who I wanted to use.  Because of her busy schedule, we ended up doing pics at the end of October, so Cooper was actually 4 months old instead of 3.  :)  This actually ended up perfect, though, because we also go to sneak in some family pics for our Christmas cards!  Here are our best family pics from that day:









3, 4, and 8 are my favorites!  I think that we couldn't have hoped for a better family shot!  Thanks Lindsay!

Which ones are your favorites??

Next up, Coop's pics!


Joeylee said...

Super cute. I like 3,4 & 8 too

Emily said...

um look at that SMILE on lorelai!!!!!! YAY!!!!! :)

Chelley N said...

I love #3!

Robyn said...

Em - that was where the smiles ended. We got no more the rest of the session, hence why she's in no more pictures - haha.

Lauren said...

They are all adorable!!!