Friday, July 22, 2011

Random: iPhone photos from May

Again, just trying to put up some cute pics from my phone from May that didn't really get put anywhere.  You can see my April post here.

Only cool kids play with side walk chalk in their pj's.  :)

We finally got LL a pull-behind trailer for our bikes.  Taking it for a test drive with Daddy!

Ready to go!

At Jumpin' Jacks for the first time!

Brushing her teeth with Ben.

She came to school with me for post planning and hung out with another teacher's granddaughter.

Watching a movie at school.

Taking a nap in Mommy's classroom.

Happy that Mommy is officially home for the summer!

Monkey face

Swinging at the park

New shades!

Bustin' out our sand/water table for the first time.  My fav part of this picture?  Lola in the background.  That's how crazy she is all.  the.  time.

Speaking of...

First day of swim lessons!

A doughnut reward after swim one day.  :)

I'm trying to play catch-up, so June is coming soon!

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